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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How Sweet She Is

I bet you thought that this was going to be about Isla Frances, didn’t you? Well its not! This post is for Miss Krista Borchard. I feel like in my life I have been blessed with just the most special and precious friends. And I’ve said it before that I feel that they are all role models for me in some way. I just feel like I am the worst friend at times, and I can’t even believe that anyone would want to be friends with me, especially not MY friends!

Krista is so sweet, she never, ever forgets anyone’s special event, ever! And I ALWAYS forget, and I always vow that next year will be different, next year I will remember to get a Mother’s Day card in time to send to my mom and mother-in-law before the actual day, and then next year comes and I forget again.

I also swore that this year I wouldn’t forget Krista’s birthday because she has remembered all of my special times this year… well guess what? She already had her birthday, and I missed it! Arg. I am terrible.

So she is my new role model. I am going to make a new goal to not forget anyone’s birthday at least for the next year and then we will have to build from that!

Now, just look at how good she is. Here is the sweet birthday card she sent me!

BirthdayNow birthday’s are easy to remember (not to minimize her sending me a birthday card, but small compared to the things she remembered that I am about to show you!), but even so she is the only friend who sent me a card. She also remembered that it was my first Mother’s Day, and sent me a card for it! It meant so so so much to me.

Mother's Day But apparently she was just getting warmed up! She even remembered to send us in advance a card to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary!!!! She is simply amazing. PERIOD.

AnniversaryThis card is great because its also a reference to the fact that her hubby, Henry is the person who introduced Nick and I to one another. For the record, it was at Denny’s our freshman year and we were studying for a Physics 208 exam. Henry and Nick were friends from high school and Henry and I were on an engineering team together. Do you know what I remember thinking about Nick? I remember thinking that I liked the way he said my name because of the way he pronounced the “s” and also that I didn’t think he was very bright because he was having such a hard time with electricity. Haha. I have of course amended that opinion and I am very proud of my Aggie Stanford boy!

I love to reminisce and at some point I would love to blog on how Nick and I started dating, our courtship, and our proposal before I forget… and I will at some point, I am that bad!

Anyway, this post is about Miss Krista, and I just love her! And Henry! And I can’t wait for the little Borchardlings to come along and play with Isla. As I said before, how sweet Krista is!


  1. Krista is a special friend and I love her also!!! Mom

  2. She is the bestest!! I have been friends with her longer than anyone else!!! She is ALWAYS thoughtful!! She's like the sister I never had! Thanks for sharing this...I feel the same way!!!

  3. Ya'll are all so sweet :) Thank you!


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