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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blog Hopping

Have you ever blog hopped?  Just kept hopping from one blog to another until you end up at some random yet fascinating blog that you have no idea how you arrived at?  I used to do that when I worked (on my lunch break), but I haven’t done it in a while.  I suddenly have a terrible urge to spend an hour or two blog hopping again…

I think it may be because I starting working from home again this week.  I am so enjoying myself, and I do it during Isla’s naps so it doesn’t cut into Mommy and Baby time.  That’s more than I can say for blogging, right now my precious girl is laying on the floor staring at me and cooing… just begging me to come and play with her.  I will have to oblige her, she is just too much fun!

P8290697 In other Isla related news, she sat up yesterday!  It was for 10 seconds with no pillows around so I am calling it.  Today she sat for several minutes with pillows around to balance herself and did an awesome job of using her core muscles and hands to stay up.  I am so proud of my girl!


  1. precious. She is on the go! watch out world!

  2. YAY!!! Good job sitting Isla!!! Ask mommy yo sit you up on the bed....its fun to fall over! Addison DIVES over sometimes when she sits on the bed!

    SO glad you are able to start working...funny..I think I am about to quit.


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