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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Playdate with the BFFs

I have been to several play dates and play groups since Isla was born, but never any as fun as the one today! I got to spend the day with two of my favorite girls, Jessica and Elysha, and Isla got to spend the day with her little BFFs, Avery and Nathan.

I didn't get any pictures of the mommies, but since the babies are so darn precious, I'm sure you'll forgive me since I have a few pictures of them!

Here is little Avery showing Isla how to play with Sophie the giraffe! She and Nathan are both sitting up, and Avery is thisclose to crawling.
Here is Avery looking at the camera. She is such a smart baby! Nathan is in the background. He is the funniest little boy, he never cries, but you can ALWAYS tell what he's thinking! :)
Isla was obsessed with this toy! All three babies thought it was pretty cool and at one point they were all going for it at the same time! Isla actually scooted over to it and would not stop closing the little trap doors. I am going to have to go on the hunt for one for her. She has never zeroed in a toy that like. I love each new little thing she does.
What a fun day with friends! Isla and I are so blessed. :)

How Sweet She Is

I bet you thought that this was going to be about Isla Frances, didn’t you? Well its not! This post is for Miss Krista Borchard. I feel like in my life I have been blessed with just the most special and precious friends. And I’ve said it before that I feel that they are all role models for me in some way. I just feel like I am the worst friend at times, and I can’t even believe that anyone would want to be friends with me, especially not MY friends!

Krista is so sweet, she never, ever forgets anyone’s special event, ever! And I ALWAYS forget, and I always vow that next year will be different, next year I will remember to get a Mother’s Day card in time to send to my mom and mother-in-law before the actual day, and then next year comes and I forget again.

I also swore that this year I wouldn’t forget Krista’s birthday because she has remembered all of my special times this year… well guess what? She already had her birthday, and I missed it! Arg. I am terrible.

So she is my new role model. I am going to make a new goal to not forget anyone’s birthday at least for the next year and then we will have to build from that!

Now, just look at how good she is. Here is the sweet birthday card she sent me!

BirthdayNow birthday’s are easy to remember (not to minimize her sending me a birthday card, but small compared to the things she remembered that I am about to show you!), but even so she is the only friend who sent me a card. She also remembered that it was my first Mother’s Day, and sent me a card for it! It meant so so so much to me.

Mother's Day But apparently she was just getting warmed up! She even remembered to send us in advance a card to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary!!!! She is simply amazing. PERIOD.

AnniversaryThis card is great because its also a reference to the fact that her hubby, Henry is the person who introduced Nick and I to one another. For the record, it was at Denny’s our freshman year and we were studying for a Physics 208 exam. Henry and Nick were friends from high school and Henry and I were on an engineering team together. Do you know what I remember thinking about Nick? I remember thinking that I liked the way he said my name because of the way he pronounced the “s” and also that I didn’t think he was very bright because he was having such a hard time with electricity. Haha. I have of course amended that opinion and I am very proud of my Aggie Stanford boy!

I love to reminisce and at some point I would love to blog on how Nick and I started dating, our courtship, and our proposal before I forget… and I will at some point, I am that bad!

Anyway, this post is about Miss Krista, and I just love her! And Henry! And I can’t wait for the little Borchardlings to come along and play with Isla. As I said before, how sweet Krista is!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blog Hopping

Have you ever blog hopped?  Just kept hopping from one blog to another until you end up at some random yet fascinating blog that you have no idea how you arrived at?  I used to do that when I worked (on my lunch break), but I haven’t done it in a while.  I suddenly have a terrible urge to spend an hour or two blog hopping again…

I think it may be because I starting working from home again this week.  I am so enjoying myself, and I do it during Isla’s naps so it doesn’t cut into Mommy and Baby time.  That’s more than I can say for blogging, right now my precious girl is laying on the floor staring at me and cooing… just begging me to come and play with her.  I will have to oblige her, she is just too much fun!

P8290697 In other Isla related news, she sat up yesterday!  It was for 10 seconds with no pillows around so I am calling it.  Today she sat for several minutes with pillows around to balance herself and did an awesome job of using her core muscles and hands to stay up.  I am so proud of my girl!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Story You Are About to Witness is True

The other day I left Isla by her toy while I went to go and load/unload laundry and when I came back she had rolled no less than 4 feet to her position in this picture! That would be at 4 months, 1 week and 4 days old.

Since I only got an after shot from my iPhone. I decided to recreate the incident in question in order to capture it on a better camera.

Here she is in the Before Position:
And a few minutes later, she had rolled to this position:
My Isla is a strong little baby!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Fun

Today was Nick’s only day off in the past two weeks and his only day off for another two weeks! So of course we decided to put him to work blowing up Isla's new little Butterfly Pool. P8270682This is one of those I-should-be-saving-my-daughter-but-instead-I-am-rushing-for-my-camera moments that Melissa was talking about! Yes she actually rolled over and perfectly positioned herself in order to put his foot in her mouth while he was blowing up her pool...

P8270681I had been eyeing the Butterfly and Whale Pools at Pottery Barn Kids, but I had had no plans to buy them. Oh, I wanted to, but they were $60, which is a lot more than it used to be! BUT last week my mom and I were shopping at the Woodlands Mall and the Butterfly Pool was on clearance for $15. My mom had an old gift card that she had forgotten about and so Isla got the Butterfly Pool practically free! I am so happy because I would have bought the Whale Pool since its more unisex, but I do love all things girl, so I this way I got the one I really wanted!

P8270691 P8270692 Don’t let go Daddy!!!


We had so much fun and splashed in the pool for over an hour, but we finally had to stop because of a raging thunderstorm :(.

Here is Isla chillaxin with her Daddy after the swim. What a fun day! I’m so glad its not over yet.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Little Frances has her first flight!

I drove home with my mom and sister last Wednesday and stayed in Houston through Sunday so that I could help my mom with my cousin's baby shower. It was the perfect time because Nick was in class in Baton Rouge all weekend and he had a ton of work to do! We had a great time in H-Town of course, but it had to end all too soon and we were anxious to get back to Daddy!

Oddly enough I wasn't nervous about flying with Isla... I didn't really think about it. I didn't think about it so much that I realized that I didn't bring Isla's birth certificate with me to Houston when I woke up Sunday morning, and Nick wasn't home to send me a copy! Of course there ended up being much ado about nothing, and long story short, since Isla is obviously not 2 yet, they let me bring her on board without verifying her age.

My plan was to check as many bags as possible, and all that I had to carry was my diaper bag and Isla in her Baby Bjorn so that I could have my hands free. I checked a HUGE suitcase and I bought a travel bag for her car seat and checked that. Security was no problem, and I even got to go in a special line for people traveling with small children... that was awesome because the airport was very crowded!

I started to get nervous about taking Isla on the plane while we were waiting in the airport. She is normally a pretty easy baby, but she had missed an entire nap and also it was getting close to her meal time. I was hoping to stave her off until we got on the flight, but she started fussing so I had to nurse her right in the middle of the airport. It was not fun, even with my discrete nursing cover. I have never nursed her in public by myself before so I was nervous. It did not do the trick and she was still fussing so I walked over to a gate that didn't have many people and reloaded her into the Bjorn with a pacifier and she calmed down.

Once we got on board she was a little angel the entire flight! It wasn't a full flight and it was hilarious to see people start to sit next to us and then move quickly away once they saw Isla. I don't blame them, and it was nice because we got an entire row to ourselves. She nursed during take off and landing so her ears never bothered her, and other than that she just looked around.

I tried to get her to take a nap, but there were too many distractions this way.

So I turned her around, and sure enough my little angel baby fell into dreamland.

Once we got home, she could not get enough of her Daddy. It was the most precious thing I have ever seen. They just stared and smiled at one another and she kept reaching for his face. Traveling is fun, but its so much better to be home with my family!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Update on Isla Frances and Happy 27th Birthday to Me!

This was the BEST BIRTHDAY YET!!!

It started out just wonderful because we had Isla's 4 month check up. I always look forward to her check ups because there is nothing cooler than going to the Doctor and having her tell you that your little one is perfect and perfectly healthy! I am so blessed to have such a healthy girl. Before she was born, I prayed over every part of her body and I feel like God answered my prayers so abundantly. I also love going to the Doctor and getting an update on all of Isla's stats! So here goes:

Weight: 15 lbs 1.5 oz, 75th percentile
Height: 25.5 in, 90th percentile
Head Circumference: 16.5 in, 50th percentile

I can honestly say that I never in 1 million years dreamed that I would have a baby that was ever in the 90th percentile on height. Of course that could easily change over time, but just the fact that she's in the 90th percentile even once is crazy to me. When I was a little girl we lived in the Netherlands and they are the tallest people in the world. I think the men average 6'1''. When my mom would take me to the Doctor I wasn't even on their charts because I was so small compared to them. Isla's height statistics just leave me totally in awe of God... he just totally surprises me sometimes. I wonder if she will be a tall person... I can't wait to find out.

Isla looks a little confused in this picture! She is also wearing her His Gem outfit that Elysha got her, I LOVE it! I have been dying to get her clothes from there.
Nick came to the Doctor's appointment with me and then we went to lunch at Chic-Fil-A. I hung out with my family for the rest of the day and then we went to Mellow Mushroom for dinner. I love Mellow Mushroom, they have booths with your own private TV! Sometimes when I want to treat Nick I take him there and let him watch sports. ("Something most people do in their living rooms" - My Mom) I would like to add that its a mutual decision that we still use Rabbit Ears, and even a little more Nick than me.

Later on that evening we came home for my favorite kind of cake, yellow with home made chocolate frosting! It was so good... oh I love it so. Yummmm...

So I know I haven't really captured the magic of my birthday on blogger, but like all birthdays, its was just magical. I love birthdays and I love celebrating them and I have always felt like August 16 just had a magical sound to it. You know, I feel like 27 is dangerously close to 30, but I really don't care. My life gets better as I get older, and I hope it continues that way. I would never, ever want to go back to a time without Nick or Isla. God is so good!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Isla Frances is 4 Months Old!

Happy Birthday to our little Isla Frances!


I will try not to be too gushy, mushy and just stick to the facts! Try is the operative words… I can’t make any promises.


- She is as sweet as she can be! She smiles all the time, and it’s really hard to get a good picture of her crying because she rarely cries. Not to brag on my girl or anything :), but people comment to me all the time about how sweet natured she is. Probably one of my most favorite comments about her of all times is one that Jessica made “She even fusses pleasantly!”

Sweet Pea 1

Sweet Pea 2

- She was a little fussy for a few days, but I am sure that she was going through a growth spurt because she cried a lot and wanted to nurse a lot more, but that’s it! She also cried when my sister, Mom and nephew showed up on Friday. It was so funny, poor thing, I am afraid that we laughed at her, but she was just a little tired because we had kept her up past her bedtime.


- Makes it from 7 pm to 7 am EVERY NIGHT with a 10 pm dream feed. Sometimes she wakes up and talks for a little bit around 5 or 6, but always goes back to sleep. We originally waited until 11 to give Isla the dream feed, because we thought the less time between meals, the better. But paradoxically when we moved the dream feed back to 10 she slept so much better and made it until 7 and longer much every single day. I think waiting until 11 was cutting too much into her night time sleep. Once we moved the dream feedback she started waking up cooing, whereas even if she would make it until 7 am she would usually wake up crying. Now I wake up to hearing her jabber on the monitor anywhere between 7 and 7:30 am and I walk into a HUGE smile! It is the best part of my day.

- First she had a hard time falling asleep at night. Then she found her thumb and was easy, until she figured out that she could suck her thumb and still cry. Now, she is back to falling asleep easily at night again because now she likes to ROLL TO HER TUMMY! ARG. I should have seen it coming as soon as she rolled over, but it took her about 3 weeks to figure out that it was nice to roll onto her stomach to sleep. Nick and I try to roll her over after she has fallen asleep, sometimes it works, sometimes she just rolls right back to her tummy. I think we will keep trying until she is 6 months old, but if she rolls back over to her tummy, we will just leave her. Its a good practice for us to remember that God is in control, even when we sleep and we need to trust him! We are trying not to stress about it.

The Thinker


- She is still 100% exclusively breastfed! My goal was to make it at least 6 months, and I am so proud to have made it this far. Nursing is not as natural as I thought it would be, and it hasn’t been easy making it this far. At least once a week Isla and/or my body will throw me a curveball and honestly just remembering that “breastfeeding is a commitment, not a choice” is what helps me push past it. Nick has been so supportive and encouraging throughout, and I am so blessed to have him! He wants Isla and I to breastfeed as long as we want to, and he constantly tells me that he thinks it’s such a “cool little process” :). I would ideally like to breastfeed up to a year, but I would be willing to nurse up to 18 months if Isla still wanted to. BUT NO LONGER THAN THAT!

goofy girl

- Isla is eating 5 times a day, at 7 am, 10:30 am, 2:00 pm, 5:50 pm, and then her 10 o’clock dream feed or roughly every 3 ½ hours. I would really like to move to a 4 hour routine, but I will hold off for a few more weeks. I also really want to cut out the dream feed, but I am a little nervous to do it before she starts solids.

- We have decided to hold off on solids for now. She is not showing any of the readiness signs, and she is getting all of the nutrients she needs. Nick wants me to hold off on solids for as long as possible and I am happy to oblige him!

Size and Activity:

- I will post an official weight and height tomorrow after her 4 month Doctor’s visit! Of course we think she is perfect. Her Aunt Shawna likes to call her Miss P.P., for Perfectly Proportioned! I call her my Roly Poly Perfection :).


- She is very close to outgrowing her 3 to 6 month clothing so I decided to wash some of her 6 to 9 month clothing and it fit pretty darn well. YIKES, big girl! I will say that everyone who sees her is surprised by how petit she is in person after seeing only pictures of her.

- Isla cannot sit up yet, but she is getting stronger by the day. She can hang for about a second and then she topples over! She is constantly trying to sit up though. She strains her little muscles all the time and can now easily pull herself up to sitting if she is semi reclined (like leaning on my leg or the boppy pillow). Her favorite game is to grab onto my fingers and/or clothing and do a pull up! She can sit up pretty well if she has something around her to help her if she loses her balance a little bit.

- She is such a wiggle worm and loves to be moving! I can’t set her on her back without her immediately rolling to her tummy and squirming.

- She is a major talker and I think has the sweetest little voice. She talks and coos all the time, and her little squawk to tell me that she is tired is even pretty precious. Most people don’t even know that she wants to sleep!

- She is still not very well coordinated with her hands and rarely tries to pick things up. She likes to get a hold of hair and or clothing if it finds its way into her hands! She doesn’t like to reach for toys really, but she will do it sometimes. She has been touching our faces a bunch when we hold her and it is so sweet. I love it.

- We have been reading to her more and more and she seems to really like it… with me as her mommy, she better learn to like it!

The Reader


- Rolled over both ways

- Started sleeping in her crib

- Sat in her highchair

- Found her feet (8/14/2010)!!!DSC_0650 (3)

- Found her thumb, she is a thumb sucker, which is awesome!

- First cold

And Daddy?

Isla is a total Daddy’s girl! She really does seem to favor him, and I am completely ok with that. I pretty much think her Dad is the greatest thing, so it only makes sense that she would! We are so sad because he has a busy, busy next month. He will be spending every weekend in Baton Rouge in preparation for his Professional Engineering exam, and he also several projects going on right now during the week for work. BOO! We won’t get to see a lot of him, but hopefully we can take a nice (inexpensive) vacation or something in October.

And Mommy?

Well tomorrow is my 27th birthday! And it is going to be the best one yet. I told my mom that 27 felt so grown up and a milestone… not sure why. I have a lot to celebrate this year. I was just thinking about how sad it would be if not for Isla, but instead it’s going to be the best one so far!!! After my birthday I plan to get serious about losing the baby weight. I am happy with the weight that I have lost so far, but I would like to lose about 6 to 8 more pounds. It shouldn’t be too hard, I just need to cut back on celebratory and/or boredom sweets, which are my weakness. We do love homemade cookies around this house :). Either way, I feel beautiful and happy and so joyful!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

She's Here!

The Isla Monster has arrived! Here she, is swiftly encroaching on her pray.
No Isla can escape her clutches!
Even when Isla wants to, HA!
But Isla quickly developed Stockholm Syndrome and its been nonstop Kissy Coo ever since!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Random Stuff

I have been feeling so bloggy blah blah blah these past couple of weeks. I really want to get over that because I do have about 100 things that I want to record so that I don't forget them in the years to come - our A/C going out leading us to take an impromptu trip to Alexandria, the 4th of July and several other Mommies Groups that I have attended. BUT I just haven't been in the mood, so I thought that if I maybe blogged about anything that it would get my blogging juices flowing again!

1) I have been feeling major cabin fever and restlessness the past couple of days. I think its primarily because I am anxiously awaiting my mom and sister's visit on Friday. They haven't seen Isla for 6 weeks and she has changed so much! I pretty mush spend all day in worship of Isla (I can't think of any other way to put it). She is so funny and sweet, and sometimes I really wish that I had someone else to go crazy over every little thing she does with during the day (besides Nick, he is at work all day)! Having either Grandparents or Aunt Shawna around to just be in awe of her preciousness with me is just my most favorite thing!

2) Someone (ahem Cindy) brilliantly suggested that I should make a point to get out once a day, even if it just to fill up my car with gas to avoid the restlessness. So today, I popped Isla in the car and we went to the library and I checked out "The Changeling" DVD and "The Lost Symbol" by Dan Brown. "Angels and Demons" was the most ridiculously stupid book I have ever read (Spoiler Alert: a man jumps out of a helicopter 2 miles in the air with only a tarp standing between him and gravity and he lives... oh my gosh, it was painful to read) but the DaVinci Code was a fun, easy, and fictional book and I enjoyed it. I am hoping that having a book to dive into will help pass the time much faster than ironing ever could!

3) I am supposed to start working from home soon, for about 10 hours a week. I am really looking forward to it since I have so much time on my hands thanks to the greatness of Baby Wise!!! The only hold up, someone who reads my blog has yet to send in the proposal to obtain the work... so, when you read this, GET BUSY!!!! (Its actually my Dad).

4) The Tour of the South that we were planning to take in the fall will most likely get postponed for a little while due to having to replace our entire A/C unit. My husband informed me that it isn't so much a Tour of the South as a trip to the Smoky Mountains. I wish that he had just said "Honey, will you plan a trip to the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee?" What he actually said "While we are in Louisiana, I really want to make sure we visit the rest of the south. What say we take a road trip in the fall?" So I assumed Charleston, Savannah, Natchez... the usual places, and proceeded to plan! When I told him our plans, it turned out what he really meant was the he wanted to drive to the Smoky Mountains and make a stop or two on the way there and a stop or two on the way back. ARG!!!

5) I am trying to master ironing. I looked up Martha Stewarts tips on ironing. I am not good at it. It takes me roughly 15 minutes per garment, and they still have wrinkles when I am done!!! Am I the only person with this problem?

6) I just want to emphasize that even though I have cabin fever, I am so thankful that I get to stay home with my Isla. Getting a little restless and bored every now and then is much better than being stressed out because I feel pulled in a million different directions and worried all the time because I don't know exactly how well Isla is being taken care of. I am so blessed and I adore my husband for making this happen, and I love spending so much time with my sweet little daughter. Plus, I get to take naps during the day... um, how great is that???

So, I will close out for now as I anxiously await the arrival of my family tomorrow! I am so excited that they are coming and that they were able to make time to come and see us. This is the third time for my sister in 4 months! She is just crazy about our Little Frances, but I can't say that I blame her! Now, off to read a little Dan Brown and take a little nap...

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yummy BBQ... and its for a good cause too!

Cheryl Acord is a loving wife and mother has recently been diagnosed with cancer and has recently had a tumor removed, only for them to find several more throughout her body. I am sure that her family is devastated; its a very heartbreaking situation, and one that we will probably all find ourselves in one day.

As you know, quality medical care isn't cheap, so if you live in Houston and love BBQ, then please consider making your way out to Katy to the Elks Lodge. Good Old Boys Catering is hosting a fundraiser on September 11, 2010 and for $10 you can buy a plate of BBQ yumminess! You'll not only be filling up your tummy, you'll also be helping out the Acord family with their medical expenses. If you don't live close to Katy, considering going anyway and stopping off at the Katy Mills Mall for some quality shopping time!

You can find all of the information right here: http://www.cajun-eats.com/acordfundraiser.htm. To order tickets in advance, please call 281-391-4333 or email lprat@aol.com!

Monday, August 2, 2010

She likes to MOVE it!

Wow, that looks like the beginnings of crawling to me at 3 and a half months. I wish she would slow down because I am not ready to start chasing her all over the house... YIKES!

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