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Saturday, July 17, 2010

She's Crafty... NOT, but She Tries!

So I was on the phone with my dear Emily (gosh I love her) yesterday, and she totally shamed me! Not intentionally of course, but she was telling me about all of the projects that she has going and/or has finished lately in addition to keeping up with her toddler, house and getting very large with child. Remember this quilt she made for Isla a few months back? She is crazy talented and super efficient.

Probably the best pregnancy gift that I received was from my Mother-In-Law who gave me 6 days of maid service! I know that Jesus says that God is the giver of good gifts, but he neglected to mention that my MIL is a close second! J

Now, I love projects, but what I do not seem to love is finishing them. I am currently working on about 20 needlepoint projects, a dollhouse for my niece that I started before she was born (she’s 6), and I have never really finished Isla’s room! I have a picture frame in our bedroom that has literally been leaning against the wall for the past 2 years… waiting to be hung up. Therefore I am making a resolution for the next 3 months that I have maid service, no excuses, I am going to finish some of the projects that I have lying around here since I won’t have to worry about the house.

This weekend I wanted to work on finally getting some things up on the wall in Isla’s room. I am not crafty unless I have someone walking me through things step by step, so I had planned to buy one. The ones that I found were close to $40, and I just couldn’t spend that… I mean, I could buy many, many bows for that amount! So I decided to try my hand at making one.

I have pretty much decided to start playing fast and loose with the color scheme in Isla's room too. I am a terrible designer, so that is my excuse for now incorporating a lot of pink into a palette that was never intended to have pink. I love pink!!!

I went to Michael’s and I was totally lost, but I decided to start with the ribbon. I was originally just going to buy blue and pink ribbon, but I decided that there was nothing wrong with a bow holder with 3 pieces of ribbon because I really felt like there needed to be some green to tie everything together with the room. I ended up buying a pretty sky blue big ribbon, a smaller pink ribbon with white polka dots, and for the smallest, some apple green ribbon.

For the top I bought IFW letters. It was not my first choice to do this, but I had to make due with what was available at the store. I still want to do a big ISLA above her crib, so hopefully that will still work since I used big letters for the bow holder.

So TAH DAH! That's one project down. I had planned to hang it a little differently than this, and if I had planned better I would have painted it differently. I also should have made the ribbon longer. All in all, I am pleased with the outcome, although I may still play with it a little bit.

Now to finish that doll-house...


  1. Seriously Stori that looks magnificent! You did a GREAT job!

  2. Wow, I think they look great.

  3. Oh I like that with the bow hangers below the letters! Cute Idea!

  4. What a cute idea! You did a wonderful job on those! :)

  5. Those are awesome! And to think: Some people pay for things that cute. Good work, girl!

  6. Hey, don't give me too much credit, lol. I still need to finish Ella's stocking and she will be here in 2 months! I have a ways to go...

    The letters look great! I was too chicken to make the letters for Annie's room so I bought them.


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