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Friday, July 23, 2010

A Playmate for Frances

We just got some news yesterday at the Wann household that has us TICKLED PINK! Isla Frances is getting a playmate and our little Baby Bear is getting a little sister!!! Nick's sister, Tiffany and her husband, Brady are pregnant with a girl! She is due in December and will be about 8 months younger than Isla, and her parents are going to call her Hallie Irene.
I snatched a little shot of her in her Mommy's tummy during our 4th of July celebrations (I will be finishing my tale on the 4th of July weekend later for my 2 readers who wait anxiously for my previously announced blog posts...).

We are a little sad for Mr. Bear who is currently surrounded by women! He has two girl cousins on his Daddy's side, Isla on his mommy's side, and now a little sister. When his Mom asked him what he wanted, he's big enough now that he could say "Brudda". So cute, but also sad!

Here is the little Brown Bear on his Uncle Nick's lap. These little ones get so big, so fast!

Isla sent Hallie a little present to let her know how excited she was that she was coming, and how much she can't wait to meet her! Its a little giraffe from His Gem. They have the cutest outfits and I am dying to get Isla something from there, and I am also dying to get Isla and Hallie matching outfits from there, ha! I have a feeling that they will be wearing a lot of matching outfits if Boo gets her way... :).
Anyway, we are so thrilled about the newest addition to the Wann family! I hope Isla and Hallie are best friends, and enjoy their annual cousin Walt Disney World vacation that I am going to insist we start taking every year. Its mandatory, no arguments! :)


  1. Exciting! LOVE the toy...so cute!

    Ok...so...I had to re-read the first part of the blog several times to understand it was NOT YOU expecting again. HAHA! I am a nut!

  2. You're right, that wasn't clear. I added a line so that it made more sense!


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