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Saturday, July 10, 2010

The 3rd of July

Every year, my parents throw a big 4th of July party, and every year, it just gets bigger and bigger. They live on 36 acres in Magnolia, Tx so there’s room for everyone. This year, they rented a huge waterslide, had a skeet shooting contest, a fishing contest, and a horseshoe contest. There was supposed to be a karaoke machine, but it fell through at the last minute, BOO! This year, they had the party on the 3rd since it was a Saturday, and since in my family, we usually like for the festivities to carry over across more than one day! And if you happen to be in the area next year let me know and you are more than welcome to come.

Outfit #1: Waiting for the Party to Start

We spent the morning getting the house and property ready for the party. Isla lounged around all morning in her original Gymboree outfit. After the culmination of shopping, it was deemed not flashy enough for any event with a lot of people. She played with her Uncle Steelie, and even stayed inside trying not to get too wet! It was pretty rainy, which worried everyone for the party…. Thankfully the rain stopped before the party got into full swing!

Is that a Gig ‘Em already I see?

Here she is with my Nana (Cookie’s Mom) and Isla’s namesake (Frances).

Outfit #2: Party People

Finally the rain cleared and people started to show up! It was time to change her into her adorable Janie and Jack rompers with the matching sun hat! It was a fun time with old friends and we were so excited when Nick’s family came. Isla got to meet her Granny (Nick’s paternal grandmother) for the first time! Poor Isla basically spent the party being passed from lap to lap to lap, but she was soooooo good. She didn’t cry one time, or at least not that I knew. Of course I wouldn’t know because I basically didn’t see her at all that day! About every 30 minutes or so I would interrupt whoever I was talking to, jump up wildly and frantically ask “Where’s my child?” Of course, when I found her she was always busy being spoiled and adored J.

Sadly, Nick did not win the skeet shooting contest, which wouldn’t bother me except that my Obama-loving, Yankee cousin from Chicago, Wade (I love Wade anyway though… really!) won the contest! Still it’s an embarrassment, so we’ll be working on Nick’s sharp shooting skills in the next year.

Here is Nick’s side of the family, his mom, dad and Granny!

I think she kind of looks like her Grandpa Jim in this picture…

With Aunt Pat and Uncle Bob.

Here is Isla, meeting Kristen for the first time.

Here we are with my old friend Kacy from Venezuela, her husband Tim and her son Ben. He is so precious and sweet!

Outfit #3: Hotel Living

Did I mention I love staying hotels? J My parents rented us a room at the Magnolia Inn since their house is pretty small and my young cousins always decide to spend the night anywhere they can find a spot.

Here is Isla in her special PJs. I will make sure that she wears this again… I will, I will. Because how ridiculous is it to buy pajamas for just one night?

Stayed tuned for the next installment of our 4th of July weekend (told in Isla’s outfits).


  1. Stori, you look super skinny!

  2. I am in a picture on your blog!! I am FAMOUS! :) Miss you and see you next weekend!


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