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Sunday, July 25, 2010

13 Weeks and Change

I haven't been doing a week to week blog update on Isla, but there has been so much change since she turned 3 months that I have to document it! It is a milestone for a reason and I think that things are going to start happening very, very fast from here on out.

1) Not sure if you heard (I kid, I kid)... but Little Frances rolled over!

2) Isla is officially a thumbsucker! She is now using her thumb to self soothe and can even sooth herself to sleep with it. She has been finding her thumb since birth but never liked using it to fall asleep until Monday! So far it has made such a difference in the evenings. The past three nights she has found her thumb and promptly gone to sleep. I am praying that it continues! This is a huge change from the past three months of spending hours putting and/or holding her pacifier in her mouth. It used to take hours to put her to sleep because it took her so long to be soothed at night. I will do what I need to do to help her sleep, but I am really happy to be getting my evenings with Nick back! Its so nice to have some quiet time with him, and its also good for Isla to have happy and connected parents. We are going to start transitioning her off of the pacifier and encourage her to use her thumb. I don't care if she uses either, even if we have to break a habit later - I feel like she is just a baby and she needs a way to self soothe, but I am being a little selfish in encouraging her towards her thumb because it makes my life easier :). Don't think I'm terrible...

Here she is in her Nap Nanny!
3) Last Sunday morning we were playing with her in bed, and she has started pulling herself up to a sitting position when she is semi-reclined! She can't balance sitting up yet (hop on over to Kelly's blog to see little Addison sit like a big girl - so exciting!!!), but she can pull herself up and hang for a second if I am supporting her. AND she's also trying very hard to sit up from fulling lying down. I noticed it this past week every time I had her across my lap on the Boppy pillow. She would strain her little neck, tummy and leg muscles and try so hard to do a sit up. It was pretty neat to watch. I am making a prediction that she will be sitting up by her 4 month birthday! If she doesn't, that's ok... I just feel like it will be sooner rather than later.

4) She got her first cold! She was a little champ through it all. I noticed it last Wednesday when I also had the a/c repair man over, more on that later (if bad things come in 3s we have one more coming!). She never complained and it barely disrupted her sleep. She woke up one time each night that she had the cold until last night when she was back to making it 8 hours... and she still has her cold! I called her Pediatrician, but we didn't need to take her in. We just clean out her nose every so often with saline drops and squeegee it and occasionally put her in a steamy bathroom. We also bought a cool mist humidifier, but I don't think that that really does anything. With 100% humidity most of the time in Louisiana anyway, I am not sure how much it can actually help! :)

5) She has really started interacting with her toys in her Exersaucer, and I am afraid it is teaching her to be a diva! There is one toy that is motion activated, and she has figured out that she can set it off if she THROWS herself back in her seat. So she will get mad and make angry noises if it doesn't go off, and then throw herself back in a temper and it goes off! It is teaching her to throw a fit to get her way. I would be nervous if she weren't the sweetest baby at all other times, but if I feel like it is becoming a problem, then I will turn off that particular toy.

6) She sat in her high chair for the first time and joined Mommy and Daddy at dinner time!
7) She has transitioned from her Nap Nanny to her crib! I was really nervous about making this transition, and had been putting it off. I couldn't put it off any longer once she rolled over, but she didn't have any trouble at all! The first night she woke up twice, which is a lot for her and I heard her talking to herself a few times. After that, no changes from the Nap Nanny and in many ways I think she likes it more. She has more room, and she likes seeing her Sleep Sheep. I have caught her reaching for it several times!

8) We also started Sign Language this week. Its a little early for her, but its mostly just to get me in the habit. I have noticed her looking at my hands though!

Today I took a picture of her during tummy time, and I realized that my little newborn isn't a newborn any longer. She is now officially a baby/infant! I am not sure how I feel about that, but I do know that she brings me the greatest joy that I have ever known. She is my heart's delight!


  1. Great update!!! She is so precious! She has AMAZING upper body strength Stori!!! And man oh man..I want to take a nap at your house---she looks so comfy in that nap nappy thing with the blankets, thumb and little head thing. Maybe thats why addison has a HUGE bald spot on the back of her head---cause I didnt have that head support thing..HAHAHAHA!

    I am so amazed by your sweet Isla!!! Addison says HELLO to her pen pal!

  2. That picture of her sleeping is so great. She looks so peaceful.

  3. I just looked at this update again---she really is so big! I love it!!! I am so amazed! And YOU have so much to be proud of! ESPECIALLY with how much she is growing...thats all from you!!


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