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Sunday, July 25, 2010

13 Weeks and Change

I haven't been doing a week to week blog update on Isla, but there has been so much change since she turned 3 months that I have to document it! It is a milestone for a reason and I think that things are going to start happening very, very fast from here on out.

1) Not sure if you heard (I kid, I kid)... but Little Frances rolled over!

2) Isla is officially a thumbsucker! She is now using her thumb to self soothe and can even sooth herself to sleep with it. She has been finding her thumb since birth but never liked using it to fall asleep until Monday! So far it has made such a difference in the evenings. The past three nights she has found her thumb and promptly gone to sleep. I am praying that it continues! This is a huge change from the past three months of spending hours putting and/or holding her pacifier in her mouth. It used to take hours to put her to sleep because it took her so long to be soothed at night. I will do what I need to do to help her sleep, but I am really happy to be getting my evenings with Nick back! Its so nice to have some quiet time with him, and its also good for Isla to have happy and connected parents. We are going to start transitioning her off of the pacifier and encourage her to use her thumb. I don't care if she uses either, even if we have to break a habit later - I feel like she is just a baby and she needs a way to self soothe, but I am being a little selfish in encouraging her towards her thumb because it makes my life easier :). Don't think I'm terrible...

Here she is in her Nap Nanny!
3) Last Sunday morning we were playing with her in bed, and she has started pulling herself up to a sitting position when she is semi-reclined! She can't balance sitting up yet (hop on over to Kelly's blog to see little Addison sit like a big girl - so exciting!!!), but she can pull herself up and hang for a second if I am supporting her. AND she's also trying very hard to sit up from fulling lying down. I noticed it this past week every time I had her across my lap on the Boppy pillow. She would strain her little neck, tummy and leg muscles and try so hard to do a sit up. It was pretty neat to watch. I am making a prediction that she will be sitting up by her 4 month birthday! If she doesn't, that's ok... I just feel like it will be sooner rather than later.

4) She got her first cold! She was a little champ through it all. I noticed it last Wednesday when I also had the a/c repair man over, more on that later (if bad things come in 3s we have one more coming!). She never complained and it barely disrupted her sleep. She woke up one time each night that she had the cold until last night when she was back to making it 8 hours... and she still has her cold! I called her Pediatrician, but we didn't need to take her in. We just clean out her nose every so often with saline drops and squeegee it and occasionally put her in a steamy bathroom. We also bought a cool mist humidifier, but I don't think that that really does anything. With 100% humidity most of the time in Louisiana anyway, I am not sure how much it can actually help! :)

5) She has really started interacting with her toys in her Exersaucer, and I am afraid it is teaching her to be a diva! There is one toy that is motion activated, and she has figured out that she can set it off if she THROWS herself back in her seat. So she will get mad and make angry noises if it doesn't go off, and then throw herself back in a temper and it goes off! It is teaching her to throw a fit to get her way. I would be nervous if she weren't the sweetest baby at all other times, but if I feel like it is becoming a problem, then I will turn off that particular toy.

6) She sat in her high chair for the first time and joined Mommy and Daddy at dinner time!
7) She has transitioned from her Nap Nanny to her crib! I was really nervous about making this transition, and had been putting it off. I couldn't put it off any longer once she rolled over, but she didn't have any trouble at all! The first night she woke up twice, which is a lot for her and I heard her talking to herself a few times. After that, no changes from the Nap Nanny and in many ways I think she likes it more. She has more room, and she likes seeing her Sleep Sheep. I have caught her reaching for it several times!

8) We also started Sign Language this week. Its a little early for her, but its mostly just to get me in the habit. I have noticed her looking at my hands though!

Today I took a picture of her during tummy time, and I realized that my little newborn isn't a newborn any longer. She is now officially a baby/infant! I am not sure how I feel about that, but I do know that she brings me the greatest joy that I have ever known. She is my heart's delight!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

iPhone you all the time...

My Sprint contract was finally up (thank you Lord!) so it was time to get a new phone. If anyone remembers this sad, sad day (seriously - if that is the worst that happens in my life, I must be pretty darn blessed) then you would know that we decided to just endure the phone below until my contract expired. We were originally holding out for uVerse, but I had decided that if uVerse wasn't available in our area by the time my Sprint contract expired then I was getting a phone anyway.

It has been tough going the past few months. I mean put yourself in my shoes - unable to surf the web from my phone, unable to send and/or receive picture mail, and texting on this thing was a nightmare... and the reception, puh-lease! If you have a received a text message at all from me the past few months then consider yourself my good buddy because it took forever to type a simple message, and I have a hard time using abbreviated web spelling. I can't bring myself to do it!

I am so glad that I did not get a phone in April because at the time I remember vehemently declaring that I did not want a smart phone and I did not want to be soooo plugged in all the time! This was before I was without internet for over a month. This was before I had a beautiful little angel baby who I constantly want to share pictures and/or videos of. So over the past few months I have been slowly changing my mind until I finally decided that I wanted to just spend the money and get an iPhone.
This is a big step for me because I have only ever taken the free phone!!! So now you can count on hearing from me much more than you would like via Facebook status updates and/or pictures of Isla when I am out and about, frequent and verbose text messages, and lots and lots of videos and phone calls. :)

Are you starting to regret that Apple ever came out with an iPhone? Probably. I bet the only people who are excited are Cookie and Boo!

Friday, July 23, 2010

When Mommy's Away...

...Daddy and Isla will play!

He can get her to laugh and smile like no one else!

A Playmate for Frances

We just got some news yesterday at the Wann household that has us TICKLED PINK! Isla Frances is getting a playmate and our little Baby Bear is getting a little sister!!! Nick's sister, Tiffany and her husband, Brady are pregnant with a girl! She is due in December and will be about 8 months younger than Isla, and her parents are going to call her Hallie Irene.
I snatched a little shot of her in her Mommy's tummy during our 4th of July celebrations (I will be finishing my tale on the 4th of July weekend later for my 2 readers who wait anxiously for my previously announced blog posts...).

We are a little sad for Mr. Bear who is currently surrounded by women! He has two girl cousins on his Daddy's side, Isla on his mommy's side, and now a little sister. When his Mom asked him what he wanted, he's big enough now that he could say "Brudda". So cute, but also sad!

Here is the little Brown Bear on his Uncle Nick's lap. These little ones get so big, so fast!

Isla sent Hallie a little present to let her know how excited she was that she was coming, and how much she can't wait to meet her! Its a little giraffe from His Gem. They have the cutest outfits and I am dying to get Isla something from there, and I am also dying to get Isla and Hallie matching outfits from there, ha! I have a feeling that they will be wearing a lot of matching outfits if Boo gets her way... :).
Anyway, we are so thrilled about the newest addition to the Wann family! I hope Isla and Hallie are best friends, and enjoy their annual cousin Walt Disney World vacation that I am going to insist we start taking every year. Its mandatory, no arguments! :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

She Did It!

And I have the video footage to prove it this time!

She is growing way too fast. I was counting on a late crawler like me so that I wouldn't have to start chasing her early... doesn't look like that is going to happen!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

She's Crafty... NOT, but She Tries!

So I was on the phone with my dear Emily (gosh I love her) yesterday, and she totally shamed me! Not intentionally of course, but she was telling me about all of the projects that she has going and/or has finished lately in addition to keeping up with her toddler, house and getting very large with child. Remember this quilt she made for Isla a few months back? She is crazy talented and super efficient.

Probably the best pregnancy gift that I received was from my Mother-In-Law who gave me 6 days of maid service! I know that Jesus says that God is the giver of good gifts, but he neglected to mention that my MIL is a close second! J

Now, I love projects, but what I do not seem to love is finishing them. I am currently working on about 20 needlepoint projects, a dollhouse for my niece that I started before she was born (she’s 6), and I have never really finished Isla’s room! I have a picture frame in our bedroom that has literally been leaning against the wall for the past 2 years… waiting to be hung up. Therefore I am making a resolution for the next 3 months that I have maid service, no excuses, I am going to finish some of the projects that I have lying around here since I won’t have to worry about the house.

This weekend I wanted to work on finally getting some things up on the wall in Isla’s room. I am not crafty unless I have someone walking me through things step by step, so I had planned to buy one. The ones that I found were close to $40, and I just couldn’t spend that… I mean, I could buy many, many bows for that amount! So I decided to try my hand at making one.

I have pretty much decided to start playing fast and loose with the color scheme in Isla's room too. I am a terrible designer, so that is my excuse for now incorporating a lot of pink into a palette that was never intended to have pink. I love pink!!!

I went to Michael’s and I was totally lost, but I decided to start with the ribbon. I was originally just going to buy blue and pink ribbon, but I decided that there was nothing wrong with a bow holder with 3 pieces of ribbon because I really felt like there needed to be some green to tie everything together with the room. I ended up buying a pretty sky blue big ribbon, a smaller pink ribbon with white polka dots, and for the smallest, some apple green ribbon.

For the top I bought IFW letters. It was not my first choice to do this, but I had to make due with what was available at the store. I still want to do a big ISLA above her crib, so hopefully that will still work since I used big letters for the bow holder.

So TAH DAH! That's one project down. I had planned to hang it a little differently than this, and if I had planned better I would have painted it differently. I also should have made the ribbon longer. All in all, I am pleased with the outcome, although I may still play with it a little bit.

Now to finish that doll-house...

Ways I Torture My Daughter

Don't you just love Nick little Calallen chant of encouragement?

Also, please excuse my "Our child is amazing..." So are all of the other babies I know right now :). I have a lot of blessed friends!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Isla Frances is 3 Months Old!

***Update 7/18/2010, Nick and I remeasured her because he didn't think she was 24 inches, and she's only 23 inches. I agree. He also pegged her at 14.6 lbs on the scale... so... we need to get a little bit better means of calculating these numbers!

I can’t believe our little baby is one quarter of a year old! Isla is growing by leaps and bounds. She didn’t put on as much weight this month. According to our measurements, she is 13.2 lbs and 24 inches long. I am afraid she may be losing her rolls… NOOOO! J She looks huge to me though, so I think our scale may be off a little bit.

She is so strong and active. Her daddy has had her standing since she was 4 or 5 weeks old, and her legs just get stronger and stronger! We set up her ExerSaucer to give my arms a break during the day, and she LOVES it! She has started arching her back to show her displeasure with a toy, but she is almost always happy standing! Sometime I am afraid she will arch right out of her Bumbo chair. She doesn’t fuss, she just grunts and gets a very determined look on her face… I am afraid that I will have a little escape artist on my hands once she gets moving! She rolled over before her 1 month birthday, but still doesn’t do it consistently. I have to let her get good and mad during tummy time and then she will flip onto her back… I don’t usually do it for long enough to get to that point. She is also very close to rolling over from her back to her tummy, but she gets hung up on her shoulder. She has such a strong back!

Her hands are getting very well coordinated, although her favorite thing to do is keep them up by her little face like a squirrel. She was a little off routine when we got back from the 4th of July weekend and she woke up at the time of her dream feeds two nights in a row. That is usually the only time during the day that we give her a bottle of expressed milk. She was so funny! She kept pushing the bottle away and then she would take a break, and then she would pull it back towards her mouth. It was pretty incredible, and I was so impressed with my purdy little Cajun queen! The next night she woke up crying as I was preparing her bottle, and so I just gave it to her cold since she seemed so distressed. She stopped crying, but she just kept spitting the milk out and making faces. Finally I warmed it up, and she drank it right down! Its so fun to watch all of the little things she does. I know this probably doesn’t interest anyone but me, Nick and the Grandmas, but I think she is totally fascinating!

As for sleeping, she has always been a good sleeper, only up once a night since she was about a month, and now she is making it all the way through. She consistently makes it from her 11 o’clock dream feed to 7ish. Sometimes she wakes up a little earlier, and other times a little bit later. She is also now able to stay up for a good hour and a half before she gets tired and fussy. We will start trying to transition from a 3 hour routine to a 4 hour routine this month, which I am very excited about. It is much easier to get errands done the longer she can stay up since I like for her to take her naptime in her bed. She naps much better when she is at home, and when she naps well, she is a much happier baby! Plus I am able to get more done around the house. I know she has a growth spurt coming up, which can disturb sleep patterns for a while, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that we can weather it without too many night disruptions… she’s spoiled me so much that I told her it wouldn’t be fair to mommy to change the game on me now! J

As for personality, she couldn’t be any sweeter. She has started giving me the biggest smile when I go to get her from her nap or when I go in to help soothe her back to sleep. She smiles all the time, and she even does really well when we have to deviate from her normal routine.

And how is Mommy doing? I really feel so joy filled these days that I know some people probably think I am on drugs, ha! Seriously, I will write or say something and then look back and wonder “What was I thinking?” I think this is what they call “punch-drunk love.” The verse “He makes the barren woman to keep house and be a joyful mother of children!” runs through my mind constantly. Here I am, finally keeping house and a joyful mother of… well A child! J We are just so thankful for this blessing from the Lord, our little Isla Frances. He ALWAYS keeps his word, ALWAYS. For the first time in my life, I am really living in the moment because I don’t want to miss a second with this little precious bundle. I almost wish that time could stand still, but I still love each new thing she does! I am just acting as if she were our last and trying to appreciate each little phase.

Before she came, Nick and I solemnly swore that this would be a parent-centric home (which it will be) and not a child-centric home, we were family before she came, and she would have to fit into our lives! Now we just laugh at the idea that we ever thought this was a family without her… Isla makes EVERYTHING better! J

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The 3rd of July

Every year, my parents throw a big 4th of July party, and every year, it just gets bigger and bigger. They live on 36 acres in Magnolia, Tx so there’s room for everyone. This year, they rented a huge waterslide, had a skeet shooting contest, a fishing contest, and a horseshoe contest. There was supposed to be a karaoke machine, but it fell through at the last minute, BOO! This year, they had the party on the 3rd since it was a Saturday, and since in my family, we usually like for the festivities to carry over across more than one day! And if you happen to be in the area next year let me know and you are more than welcome to come.

Outfit #1: Waiting for the Party to Start

We spent the morning getting the house and property ready for the party. Isla lounged around all morning in her original Gymboree outfit. After the culmination of shopping, it was deemed not flashy enough for any event with a lot of people. She played with her Uncle Steelie, and even stayed inside trying not to get too wet! It was pretty rainy, which worried everyone for the party…. Thankfully the rain stopped before the party got into full swing!

Is that a Gig ‘Em already I see?

Here she is with my Nana (Cookie’s Mom) and Isla’s namesake (Frances).

Outfit #2: Party People

Finally the rain cleared and people started to show up! It was time to change her into her adorable Janie and Jack rompers with the matching sun hat! It was a fun time with old friends and we were so excited when Nick’s family came. Isla got to meet her Granny (Nick’s paternal grandmother) for the first time! Poor Isla basically spent the party being passed from lap to lap to lap, but she was soooooo good. She didn’t cry one time, or at least not that I knew. Of course I wouldn’t know because I basically didn’t see her at all that day! About every 30 minutes or so I would interrupt whoever I was talking to, jump up wildly and frantically ask “Where’s my child?” Of course, when I found her she was always busy being spoiled and adored J.

Sadly, Nick did not win the skeet shooting contest, which wouldn’t bother me except that my Obama-loving, Yankee cousin from Chicago, Wade (I love Wade anyway though… really!) won the contest! Still it’s an embarrassment, so we’ll be working on Nick’s sharp shooting skills in the next year.

Here is Nick’s side of the family, his mom, dad and Granny!

I think she kind of looks like her Grandpa Jim in this picture…

With Aunt Pat and Uncle Bob.

Here is Isla, meeting Kristen for the first time.

Here we are with my old friend Kacy from Venezuela, her husband Tim and her son Ben. He is so precious and sweet!

Outfit #3: Hotel Living

Did I mention I love staying hotels? J My parents rented us a room at the Magnolia Inn since their house is pretty small and my young cousins always decide to spend the night anywhere they can find a spot.

Here is Isla in her special PJs. I will make sure that she wears this again… I will, I will. Because how ridiculous is it to buy pajamas for just one night?

Stayed tuned for the next installment of our 4th of July weekend (told in Isla’s outfits).

Our 4th of July (Told in Isla's Outfits)!!!

So I have already confessed to my first random, canNOT let it go, obsession since Isla was born, her suitcase. The second was selecting her 4th of July outfit. This one is a little bit more understandable since I knew that the 4th would be the first time that she met most of our extended family. I had dreams of an adorable little smocked outfit covered in flags with a cute, cute matching bow! Well, I shopped and shopped and shopped, and the only outfit that I could find that really fit the bill was about $75. That was too much to spend, even to satisfy my obsession. So I shopped some more, and they had some precious outfits at Janie and Jack that I also dubbed too expensive, so I finally settled on a cute, but inexpensive outfit from Gymboree and that was supposed to be IT, done and done. Well… I kept finding more and more inexpensive outfits in red, white and blue that I just could not pass up. Then I went to Janie and Jack the 2nd of July and all of their red, white and blue outfits were on sale and I ended up buying the outfit I had been admiring, plus a few more…

By the time it was all said and done, I had probably spent a bit more than $75 and Isla had the following wardrobe for her 4th of July Weekend:

  1. Top with bloomers
  2. 2 Rompers
  3. 1 Dress
  4. 1 Bow with (interchangeable) White and Navy Headbands
  5. 2 Red, White and Blue swimsuits
  6. 3 Hats
  7. 2 Bibs
  8. 1 Pair of Pants
  9. 1 Long Sleeved Onesie
  10. A Red, White and Blue Short Sleeved Onesie, bought specifically so that she would have something festive to sleep in between the 3rd of July and the 4th of July

And I am not sure how I finished her wardrobe without majorly indulging in my final obsession, one that can never be sated, BIG 4th of July bows. She did get one bow, but my one regret is that I didn’t get more or at least a really, really big one. Sigh.

Is it a touch ridiculous, but it made for a fun weekend for me J, and everyone else who was lucky enough to witness the spectacle. Plus, it will help me to narrate our very FUN 4th of July weekend.

Can you spot Isla???

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Five Wannderful Years!

In May, Nick and I celebrated a milestone in our marriage. We were married 5 years on May 28th! I meant to write a little post about it on the day, but somehow Isla/Memorial Day Festivities/broken internet got in the way.

The actual day of the 28th was very low-key. We went to lunch at Brio in the Woodlands (awesome lobster bisque) with Isla. Of course, my camera’s battery was dead so I didn’t get a family picture L. It was just so wonderful and special to be there as a family of three! It’s hard to believe that it took us so long to get our family started, but God’s timing was perfect as always.

My present for Nick was a new pair of basketball shoes, to be enjoyed now, and I also planned our family’s first family camping trip, to be enjoyed later! Nick loves to camp, I am lukewarm on outdoors in general, so I think he was extra excited when I surprised him with it. I gave him two sleeping bags, and a trip to Garner State Park in Texas in September when it will be cooler. We have never been to Garner, but we love the Frio River! I am actually really excited to take Isla hiking, and hopefully she won’t have too much trouble sleeping in a tent.

Nick’s present for me was super duper awesome. He bought me tickets to go see Wicked with dinner at the Downtown Aquarium in Houston over the 4th of July weekend. I have always loved plays and the theater, and I have been dying to see Wicked for YEARS!!! The Downtown Aquarium is where Nick took me on our first date on April 11, 2003. It was so neat because we were going to school in College Station, and rather than take me somewhere nearby, Nick planned a whole trip to Houston. It’s not that far (1.5 hours), but still it made me feel very special that he went to such great lengths for our first date. We were originally supposed to go to a comedy club, but the Aquarium was his back-up plan since the comedy club wasn’t answering his phone calls the entire week before we went and sure enough, it was closed. He is such a planner, I don’t know many boys that have Plan Bs in case Plan A doesn’t pan out for their first dates.

So, on Friday, July 2nd, Nick and I got all dolled up and we left our little Isla for the first time with her Cookie to go out and celebrate being married for 5 years!

A side note about the dress. Nick picked it out for me to wear that night - I added a little helpful tummy shaper J. I’ve had that dress since I was a junior in High School and I have only worn it one time for my graduation pictures. I always say that I am going to get rid of it, but I never do because I LOVE it. BUT I never wear it because even at my thinnest, I have always hated the way I look in it. Well since my resolution to model a healthy body image to my daughter and to stop criticizing my looks, I am wearing all sorts of things I never wore before, shorts (I have knobby knees), sleeveless shirts (never liked my arms), summer dresses (I’m short and I feel like they look weird on me), skinny jeans (“skinny” is the operative work to look good in them). I have stopped being so critical of my body, and even though it probably won’t ever be the same since having Isla, I have started being more adventurous than my usual jeans and a shirt that covers my arms. Since becoming a mom, I have never felt more beautiful… it also helps that Isla looks just like me, and she is the most beautiful little thing I have ever seen!

Another side note about the dress. Not a great choice for a breastfeeding/pumping Mom!

Dinner at the Aquarium was just so special! It was a little bit more family oriented than I remembered which I liked because next time we’ll take Isla. It also reminded me why I blog… because I can’t remember anything, ever! Nick and I tried to reminisce, but we both have terrible memories and could not remember anything we talked about that first night. All I remembered was a lovely, long kiss as Nick helped me into his truck to go back to College Station. Nick tried to recreate it as we getting in the car to go back to my mom’s house, but I laughed and told him he was crazy and to GET IN THE CAR – it was 11 o’clock in downtown Houston and I was scared. I guess that’s the difference between dating at 19 and dating at 26! I wish that I had a picture of our first date, but even if I weren’t the world’s worst at taking pictures (better since Isla was born), it’s a little weird to take pictures of your first date.

We of course ate wayyyy too much! We got an appetizer, wine, main course and a huge lava brownie dessert. Nick was stuffed, but I told him that I could still keep going! His reply, “Why do you think I picked out the stretchy dress?” He’s so funny! I love my husband. I never dreamed that marriage just kept getting more and more wonderful as the years went on… well, maybe I dreamed it, but I never understood it.

After that, we walked to see Wicked. I LOVED it. I bought the soundtrack then and there. It is the one musical where I left thinking it was great, but I wish that I could have seen it with the original cast. I am sure the Idina Menzel and Kristen Chenowith were amazing to watch.

I have probably overused the word’s amazing, wonderful and special… but I have been blessed with an amazing, wonderful and special husband, and we have had an amazing, wonderful and special 5 years of marriage. I am so thankful for him. The best day of my life was the day we got married, even over Isla’s birth because that is the day our family began. I spent every second up to that day praying that Nick wouldn’t change his mind! And now here we are with our little angel and I know that things will only get better J.

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