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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Visit From Cookie! And Aunt Shawna! And Aiden! And Kendall!

Last week was a whole lotta fun, with a whole lotta visitors at the Wann house. It was a bit chaotic to be honest. Isla got a visit from her Cookie and Aunt Shawna, who brought along her little cousins, Aiden and Kendall! They just can't seem to keep themselves away from this little princess... my sister did not come to visit us ONE time the whole 2 1/2 years we lived in Louisiana before Isla was born and this is already her second trip. She spent a week with us right after Isla was born, and then last week, and she is already talking about coming in August again!
This angel is hard to give up once you get a taste of her.
And Isla loves her Aunt Shawna too. Very few people can get this kind of a reaction from her at the age she is at! This is a video that I will always cherish.
All in all it was a very momentous visit. We finally made it to the nearby game preserve called Global Wildlife. Its filled with a ton of cute, cute little animals, all herbivores, and we all had a blast. Isn't this a good/funny lookin' family? Yes, that was the best picture we could get of all of us.
I do love the picture of Cookie with Kendall and Aiden though.
Here are the kids all getting ready for the trip to Global Wildlife, and Isla got to wear her cool shades.
Doesn't it look like Kendall just adores her little cousin? I know Aiden does, but sometimes I wonder about little miss Kendall. I thought she would be so excited to come and see us in Louisiana when Cookie told her (But I already saw them!). I think she does love her cousin, except maybe when Isla cries (It annoys me when she cries!) or when Isla spits up (Ahhhhh, get her off me, get her off me!) Haha. All in all, though watching the three of them interact is pretty delightful.

Isla didn't mind Global Wildlife much, but I think she much preferred sleeping. Cookie managed to pry her out of my arms by claiming it was too hot for her to be in her Baby Bjorn. Cookie and Shawna spent half of the visit plotting ways to GET Isla from me and then KEEP her, ha! I am very generous with letting people hold her though... I promise.
Kendall and Aiden had a blast, but they gave out all of their food a little too quickly, so they had run out by the time we came to the last stop. They were not able to entice their favorite animal of the day over to them for very long... a giant Longhorn cow.
Treacherous children! They just said his tongue felt neat. Whatever. At least Isla knows the proper reaction when faced with a Longhorn. That's my little Aggie princess :).
Aiden finally got a hair cut... it was so cute and much needed! The final straw for his mom was when a little boy down the street mistook him for a girl. Its kind of Aiden's own fault... he kept stealing Kendall's bike - its purple and had streamers, so he could ride one with training wheels. His bike didn't have training wheels. I'll say this for Aiden though, it takes real confidence to ride an obviously girl's bike and not care what anyone says or thinks! I did not get a picture of him on it though, drat, no blackmail for his later years :).

There were of course many Cookie photo shoots with her grandchildren. Sometimes the children were willing models... sometimes.
And of course, hanging with Uncle Nick. He's a favorite of theirs. I knew he would be a wonderful, hands-on father because he is a wonderful, hands-on uncle! Kendall and Aiden were mesmerized by his guitar.
Cookie, Shawna, Kendall and Aiden also got to go on a Swamp Tour. I thought about taking Isla and getting a photo of us, a-la-Steve Irwin, but I changed my mind. She had a Doctors visit with SHOTS that afternoon so I wanted to make sure she had a restful morning. I love this picture of Kendall and Aiden, don't they look like little scientists on an expedition with those serious expressions?
It was a great visit and I can't wait for everyone to come back in August, even if I am still catching up on the house cleaning from this visit a week later :). My house was not made to hold soooo many people!


  1. Reaction to a Longhorn ... HA! ;) I am going to let that one slide. The pictures are so cute! It looks like y'all had a great visit.

  2. Haha, Adrienne, that comment was especially for you... just a little test to see if you were still a part of the blogging world :).

  3. Looks like the baby bjourn is coming in handy! You look so cute with her strapped to ya!!!


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