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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mommies Group

During my pregnancy, I was lucky enough to have two of my dear friends, Elysha and Jessica, be pregnant with me at the same time. Nick and I also took a Lamaze class, where I met two other pregnant girls. I have been ruminating on the idea of getting everyone together to talk about being Mommies! The oldest baby was Avery at 4 months and Isla was the youngest baby at almost 8 weeks.

I finally got my act together and invited everyone over today. I had a lot of fun and hopefully so did everyone else. It was nice to talk about our babies, births and anything else we could think of... all baby related of course. My living room was covered in car seats, bouncy chairs, bumbo chairs... it was amazing that we could even fit so much baby gear in one small living room! I am really hoping that we can do it again, and maybe turn it into a regular Mother's Group. Its important to keep up friendships and have some adult time. I am thinking we can even schedule activities to do together as the kids get older. We are already talking about having a get together at our neighborhood swimming pool next time.

This is everyone sitting around gabbing.
Here is Elysha... trying to act naturally in front of the camera!
Here is her little fellow, Nathan. He really took a shine to Isla's swing. It is kind of an awesome swing... it seems like taking a nap there would be a little bit like sleeping in a cloud.
This is Bella with her little boy Vincent and Chiara with her little girl Maete Valentina. They are both so precious, and I can't get over how big Vincent is, and he's younger than both Avery and Nathan! I met Chiara and Bella at the Lamaze class and all three of us were so gung ho over having natural and/or vaginal births, and all three of us ended up with c-sections! Its pretty ironic.Jessica with little miss Avery! I am in love with her strawberry blonde hair... where did it come from?
And me with my girl... can you tell I am loving this?


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