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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Isla's First Trip to Texas

Our little Cajun Queen made her first trip to her REAL home state this past weekend!

It was also Memorial Day weekend, so to celebrate our country and the heroes that keep it free, we decided to dress her up in her stars and stripes swim suit!

Her Dad wanted to know why she needed a swimsuit if she was still too little to get into the water? The answer... because its so darn cute, that's why! :) I have a feeling that she will have several more swimsuits long before she puts a tiny toe into a pool.

She also got to meet her two cousins on my side. Aiden, my nephew, is almost 8, and Kendall, my niece, is 6. They loved their little cousin and showered her with kisses the whole trip!

This is so sweet... I think it needs to be framed!
It was a blast, and I can't wait to bring Isla back to Texas over the years so that she can better get to know her home state.


  1. Yeeeeey! Those pictures with her cousins will be priceless :) That makes my heart happy!


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