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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Isla and Avery's Playdate!

Today Isla had a playdate with her BFF Avery! Here is the cutie pie girl herself :).

I think she is saying "I love being so pretty and having such pretty friends! Thank goodness our Mommies understand the importance of accessorizing." No, I'm only kidding... hopefully she is saying "I am so glad that our Mommies understand the importance of having wonderful sweet friends to share your life with!"

I certainly adore Avery's mommy and I know one she and Isla will be great friends, just like Jessica and I are!

Here is Jessica marveling at how small Isla is! Its so hard to believe how much bigger Avery is than her, and there is only a 9 week difference between them. Its scary how quickly they grow! I am enjoying each day with her, but I already miss my little new born.
I love this picture because Avery is totally checking out Isla.

Jessica with our girls!
I can't wait for them to get bigger (well I can); I am so looking forward to taking them to the park to play together!


  1. the babies are as precious as their mommas'. So fun that you guys are close by one another to enjoy mommyhood and babyhood!

  2. Love! :)
    can I steal these pics, please??

  3. Totally true how much they change so fast! I am a little sad my sleepy newborn is getting big so fast too :)


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