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Monday, June 28, 2010

I almost didn't share...

Since she's all naked, but its too cute not to!
Doesn't it just look like she dancing an Irish jig??? There's just something so perfect about a chubby baby... her rolls are just divine. :)
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  1. agree! this is fabulous, and very well worth sharing!! Lass of the Dance! her smile is fabulous!!

  2. OMG that's adorable! Yes, it does look like she's doing an Irish jig, haha!

  3. That is super cute! I'm glad you shared it with us :)

  4. haha that's funny! I love the big smile :)

  5. LOVE IT!! I love the rolls!! Addison still doesnt have any rolls on her arms. She is getting too long so the rolls dont stay long..haha!

    AND YES looks like a jig!!!

    Does she like baths??

  6. Kelly! I keep meaning to ask you if Addison has rolls... Isla has so many, its hilarious. And I am constantly finding dried spit up in them :). She loves bath time with her Dad! He has to be extra careful now though to make sure he cleans all of her little "hiding places".

  7. This is too cute! AND the first time I think she looks a lot like Nick :)


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