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Saturday, June 26, 2010

First Trip to the Pool!

Here are Isla and her Daddy getting all ready for Isla's first trip to the pool!

Sadly, she was not that impressed with it. We thought she would love it since she is such a huge fan of bath time, and since pools in Louisiana are about the same temperature as her bathwater! She didn't hate it though...
Here she is chillin'... the water did seem to wear her out!
Her favorite part... cuddling in a towel when we were done. That's usually my favorite part too!

I can't wait for swim lessons next year!


  1. yay! Avery went swimming yesterday with Annie and laughed hysterically for the first time! I was so excited.
    Aren't babies in swim suits the cutest?!

  2. We got a float too!!! Addison fell asleep in it!!!

    Isla is SOOOO cute in that swimsuit!!


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