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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Stage Cookie!

I have been getting a lot of complements on my picture taking abilities, but I have to give credit where it is due! My mom, Isla's Cookie, has been staying with us since she was born. I feel bad tearing her away from her other grandchildren, my adorable niece and nephew, but Nick has had to travel a lot since she was born. 2 trips to Houston, 2 Offshore trips and a he goes to the Netherlands next week... all before she even hits her 1 month birthday! Poor guy, I know he'd much rather be here :(.

The upside is that Cookie is here with her very snazzy camera, a Nikon D90, which she bought specifically to capture pictures of grandkids in motion. While she's here, her favorite pass time is dressing up Isla in accessories and posing her for pictures, which is great for us, because Nick and I have a lot of pictures of Isla in all her adorableness!

It also helps that Isla's such a sweetie pie and is a very willing model!

Most of the time anyway... we think that here she is thinking "When is my Cookie going to go home???"
Such a funny little girl!


  1. A) I adore that your mom's grandma name is Cookie. B) Isla is a beautiful model, like really super duper one of the prettiest little things I've ever seen, and I have two of my own. Is it not so suer-much fun to dress up a baby girl! I'm not a super grilie-girl myself, and sometimes feel a touch guilty taking Gracie to the playground in a little dress, even a "play dress," but it is just so darn fun!!!! Thanks for your prayers!!

  2. That stinks Nick's had to be away so much! :( I'm really glad your mom can be there with you. I'm sure your niece and nephew understand they now have to share her a little, hehe.

  3. Like the hat! Great photographer, Cookie! And---I love that last one!! They make the FUNNIEST faces!


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