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Friday, May 7, 2010

3 Weeks

I can't believe Isla is three weeks old already! She is getting so big and starting to round out just the way a baby should. I wouldn't be surprised if she was closing in on 9 lbs already! She also lost her cord this morning and looking at her made me so sad because she looks like such a big girl with it off.

Its funny because I've always loved newborns, but I never thought of them as having much personality... and maybe its because I'm her Mama or maybe its because I have never spent this much time around a newborn before, but her little personality is really starting to emerge! She is really sweet and easy going and generally only cries when she needs something (food, diaper change, gassy), or when Cookie's photo shoots last too long. She has been trying to get her little thumb since she was born and sometimes she gets it, when she does she is soooo happy and content! It also seems like she is really start to notice and focus in on things.

Yesterday she was crying and I couldn't figure out why but I had her on my shoulder and was patting her little back. She managed to move that little head so that her face was right in mine. She held it there, while she screamed, for a good 30 seconds as if to say "Hello Mom, can you hear me?" I laughed so hard. She is so funny and she makes me laugh all the time.

We are working on her routine. My two favorite baby books were the Babywise series and the Baby Whisperer, which both advocate a roughly 3 hour routine of Feeding, Activity/Fun time, and then Sleep time. She does great with Feeding and Activity, but she still needs some help getting down for her nap and nighttime sleep. Its amazing that the few times we have taken her out for errands, she managed to sleep through all of the chaos of the stores we were in and was impossible to wake, but she has trouble falling asleep on her own in the quiet of her own crib! She does pretty good though and I am so proud of her. At night she is a great sleeper and can usually go all with night and only wake up once (occasionally twice). She has only had two bad nights where she was up every hour, once she was gassy and the other time we are still not sure what happened. I figure when my mom leaves next week we can work more on the routine. She and my sister have dubbed me the "Sleep Nazi" because I am so adamant that Isla fall asleep in her crib! Of course with relatives visiting that rule gets easily broken, and then I have been guilty of breaking it a few times too. Sometimes she is just to sweet to not keep cuddling after she has passed out...

Cookie is going home on Sunday since Nick's trip to Amsterdam was cancelled. YAY! We'll miss Cookie, but I am so glad that Nick will be here.

Nick is absolutely smitten with her and she's pretty much in his arms from the time he gets home. I caught him singing "Fools Rush In" to her a few days ago, and then I caught him looking up the lyrics on line so that he could make sure to sing them to her correctly! He's also so patient with her when we are trying to get her down for the night. That's usually when she is her fussiest, and he will sit with her quietly and try to calm her for hours (well over an hour - she doesn't fuss or cry for that long).

I am pleased to say that nursing is going really well. The first two weeks were the hardest, but once we got through that hurdle, everything fell into place. I always wondered why women who were able to nurse, chose not to, but now I totally get it. I was so nervous those first couple of weeks. I was afraid she wasn't getting enough to eat or that my milk would spontaneously dry up or that she might not latch or not want to latch for this feeding! My fears were not really valid because she did latch well almost all the time, I was making enough milk and she was gaining weight, but still it was pretty nerve wracking for me.

I love being her Mother and I am blessed to be able to stay home with her! Its weird not having deadlines, but its been relaxing, and I don't miss work yet. I've been having so much fun with Isla, and I can't wait to keep getting to know her. Having a baby really is a little bit like falling in love!


  1. You are so cute Stori, you have this whole motherhood thing down pat, you're a natural! And you were worried.... :)

  2. CUTE CUTE! I didnt know you were doing baby wise. We are too!!! We have trouble with her nap following the 5 PM feeding...we have to let her cry for a 5 minutes or so and she will fall back asleep. I hate those 5 minutes though :) Sounds like everything is going beautifully though Stori and she will sleep through the night soon (about 9 weeks babywise says). We are working on that too! I am sleep nazi too :) Glad to know you are doing babywise---I might need some advise!


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