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Friday, May 21, 2010

Isla's Birth Announcements

We hired Kelley Cook to take Isla's newborn photos and design her birth announcements, and she did an amazing job! They are so beautiful, I thought I would share the announcements with you. We didn't set out to do two designs, but the pictures with our Aggie rings turned out so good, we decided that all of our Aggie buddies deserved a special batch. I hope you enjoy looking at these as much I do!

Also, if you want to look at Isla's newborn photos that Kelley took, they are under customer proofing under Baby I, password aggie32! I don't know how I am going to choose from all of them...

BIG Baby Girl!

We just went to Isla's 1 month (technically she's 5 weeks, 1 day) pedatrician visit today!

She weighs 10 lbs 5 oz and is in the 90th percentile on weight! WOW. She's also now 22 inches and her head is 15 inches, which puts her in the 75th percentile for both.

I love my big girl. :)

PS. My computer/internet combo is broken, so I haven't been able to get on for more than a few minutes at a time when I can swipe Nick's work computer. Its been frustrating.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Isla Frances is One Month Old!

Isla Frances is one month old today!

I can hardly believe that she's been with us for this long, and how much she has changed in such a short time. We did our own little measurements today, and it turns out that she is 9.8 lbs according to our scale and 21 inches! She is really a growing girl.

I wanted to get a good picture of her on her birthday, but of course I waited until tonight when she was fussy and ready for bed! Oh how I am missing Cookie's camera, mine takes about 5 seconds between the click and when the picture is taken so I miss so much.

Isla is on a roughly 3 hour routine. She wakes up, she eats, she plays, then she goes back to sleep! She is getting closer and closer to being able to put herself to sleep. She pretty much goes to sleep on her own in her daytime naps, but she needs a little more cuddling in the evening and going down for bed at night. But once she's out at night... she is a great sleeper! Last night she slept from 10 until 4, and then again until 6:30ish. I tried to push that back to after 7, but she just seems like to be up earlier than that. The earlier really is better because then her Daddy has time to cuddle with her before he goes to work in the morning.

Here is her Daddy cuddling with her to calm her for her photoshoot. She is already a Daddy's girl, and I couldn't be happier about that. Nick is a wonderful father and is very hands on. He's ready to jump in and help and is just as good as I am at taking care of her.

Here's me with my girl! I love her soooo much. I feel very blessed that I get to stay home with her for as long as I want without having to worry about rushing back to work. I love spending time getting to know her and enjoying her sweet little personality. I think she is going to be a sweet heart. She cries some, but only when something is wrong. I am thinking she has Nick's personality and none of my orneryness... thank goodness!
I am having so much fun having a girl! I could spend half the day shopping for bows for her, and I adore dressing her. I've been getting back in touch with my girlyness too since having her and I've been getting pedicures, buying blinged out accessories, fiddling with my hair and wearing lots of color!

She rolled over this week too! She rolled from her stomach onto her back. This is the after picture, I wish, I wish, I wish I had caugh it on video. I swear she didn't have any help. She was on her tummy for a good minute, then she ooomphed onto her side, then she oooomphed her way onto her back. I was so excited I called her Daddy at work right away! I restrained myself and did not text everyone we know.

She also got her first real bath last Sunday since her cord fell off. She LOVES bathtime. Its her special time with her Daddy, and she just lays there and coos. Its absolutely precious.

Mommyhood really is the best!!!! I love getting to know this precious baby.

Friday, May 7, 2010

3 Weeks

I can't believe Isla is three weeks old already! She is getting so big and starting to round out just the way a baby should. I wouldn't be surprised if she was closing in on 9 lbs already! She also lost her cord this morning and looking at her made me so sad because she looks like such a big girl with it off.

Its funny because I've always loved newborns, but I never thought of them as having much personality... and maybe its because I'm her Mama or maybe its because I have never spent this much time around a newborn before, but her little personality is really starting to emerge! She is really sweet and easy going and generally only cries when she needs something (food, diaper change, gassy), or when Cookie's photo shoots last too long. She has been trying to get her little thumb since she was born and sometimes she gets it, when she does she is soooo happy and content! It also seems like she is really start to notice and focus in on things.

Yesterday she was crying and I couldn't figure out why but I had her on my shoulder and was patting her little back. She managed to move that little head so that her face was right in mine. She held it there, while she screamed, for a good 30 seconds as if to say "Hello Mom, can you hear me?" I laughed so hard. She is so funny and she makes me laugh all the time.

We are working on her routine. My two favorite baby books were the Babywise series and the Baby Whisperer, which both advocate a roughly 3 hour routine of Feeding, Activity/Fun time, and then Sleep time. She does great with Feeding and Activity, but she still needs some help getting down for her nap and nighttime sleep. Its amazing that the few times we have taken her out for errands, she managed to sleep through all of the chaos of the stores we were in and was impossible to wake, but she has trouble falling asleep on her own in the quiet of her own crib! She does pretty good though and I am so proud of her. At night she is a great sleeper and can usually go all with night and only wake up once (occasionally twice). She has only had two bad nights where she was up every hour, once she was gassy and the other time we are still not sure what happened. I figure when my mom leaves next week we can work more on the routine. She and my sister have dubbed me the "Sleep Nazi" because I am so adamant that Isla fall asleep in her crib! Of course with relatives visiting that rule gets easily broken, and then I have been guilty of breaking it a few times too. Sometimes she is just to sweet to not keep cuddling after she has passed out...

Cookie is going home on Sunday since Nick's trip to Amsterdam was cancelled. YAY! We'll miss Cookie, but I am so glad that Nick will be here.

Nick is absolutely smitten with her and she's pretty much in his arms from the time he gets home. I caught him singing "Fools Rush In" to her a few days ago, and then I caught him looking up the lyrics on line so that he could make sure to sing them to her correctly! He's also so patient with her when we are trying to get her down for the night. That's usually when she is her fussiest, and he will sit with her quietly and try to calm her for hours (well over an hour - she doesn't fuss or cry for that long).

I am pleased to say that nursing is going really well. The first two weeks were the hardest, but once we got through that hurdle, everything fell into place. I always wondered why women who were able to nurse, chose not to, but now I totally get it. I was so nervous those first couple of weeks. I was afraid she wasn't getting enough to eat or that my milk would spontaneously dry up or that she might not latch or not want to latch for this feeding! My fears were not really valid because she did latch well almost all the time, I was making enough milk and she was gaining weight, but still it was pretty nerve wracking for me.

I love being her Mother and I am blessed to be able to stay home with her! Its weird not having deadlines, but its been relaxing, and I don't miss work yet. I've been having so much fun with Isla, and I can't wait to keep getting to know her. Having a baby really is a little bit like falling in love!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Stage Cookie!

I have been getting a lot of complements on my picture taking abilities, but I have to give credit where it is due! My mom, Isla's Cookie, has been staying with us since she was born. I feel bad tearing her away from her other grandchildren, my adorable niece and nephew, but Nick has had to travel a lot since she was born. 2 trips to Houston, 2 Offshore trips and a he goes to the Netherlands next week... all before she even hits her 1 month birthday! Poor guy, I know he'd much rather be here :(.

The upside is that Cookie is here with her very snazzy camera, a Nikon D90, which she bought specifically to capture pictures of grandkids in motion. While she's here, her favorite pass time is dressing up Isla in accessories and posing her for pictures, which is great for us, because Nick and I have a lot of pictures of Isla in all her adorableness!

It also helps that Isla's such a sweetie pie and is a very willing model!

Most of the time anyway... we think that here she is thinking "When is my Cookie going to go home???"
Such a funny little girl!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Not sure if this is appropriate...

But its too precious not to share!

I love my family.

Thank You Aunt Lauren and Aunt Krista!

From Baby Isla:

The cookies were yum yum, and I am totally stylin' in my new outfits... life doesn't get much better than this!

Ps. Aunt Lauren gives great advice!

Pps. My mommy says that she promises that this is the first and last post that I will write in the first person...

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