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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sunshine Cleaning!

***Update: I don't think I made it clear that your hubby is supposed to prioritize the list, so that you don't have to fret if you can't do everything! It lets you pick and choose.***

There have been a couple of really great cleaning tips that I have gleaned from other blogs recently.

The first one I found is on prioritizing cleaning based on your hubby's expectations. When Nick and I were first married, I read a story about a wife who would spend every day before her husband got home killing herself to get the house spic and span because she assumed that that was what he expected of her! He would come home and be grumpy and unappreciative and it just got their whole evenings off to a rough start. Eventually they talked it out, and it turned out that he didn't care what the house looked like! The only thing he wanted to know was what was for dinner :)... so like a man. He didn't care if it was home cooked, ordered in, taken out, or going out, he just wanted to know what to eat. That story has always stuck with me.

Right now, Nick helps me a lot with household chores, and he will still help me, I'm sure, but I will probably be taking over a lot of the work since I'll be home more. I found this blog here that gave me the great idea to make a list and set expectations so that we can all be happy. When Nick and I were taking our Love and Respect class, there was a man on there who said that he just felt like a paycheck. It broke my heart! I never want Nick to feel that way or that his wishes don't count as much as mine. He's such an easy husband anyway, that I owe him that much!

Here is an example list:
  • A Hug, a Kiss, and a Hello when he walks in the door!
  • A meal (in general, not necessarily home cooked) just to know what we're eating.
  • The laundry done and put away.
  • A clean kitchen.
  • All bills reviewed, paid and put away.
  • The floors clean and swept.
  • A cleaned up, dressed and showered wife.
  • A clean bedroom with made bed.
  • A clean bathroom.
  • A home cooked meal (either ready or on the stove).
Some of these may seem a little silly (see item number 7), but I've heard that it can be a difficult accomplishment with a newborn... plus I have a mother who has been known to spend her entire day in her PJs on more than one occasion. I fear it may be in the genes!

The second great piece of advice was a direction to Martha Stewart's website. She has lists of cleaning items that should be done daily, weekly and seasonally. I so plan on using this list! I tend to put off cleaning, and I get overwhelmed by all that I have to do. This will make cleaning much easier and I like being given advice on tactics!

Now, I have some advice to solicit - clean floors is HIGH on both my hubby's list and Martha's list, plus, I think I will want to have very clean floors with a baby crawling around. Unfortunately, floors are usually the last things that I end up cleaning... if they get done at all. I will usually do just about anything to get out of mopping!

So, help me out here, what cleaning gadgets do you use to keep your floors clean? Are they easy to use?


  1. I definitely recommend the Swiffer to get the dust and whatnot up. I am a huge fan. I even use the Swiffer wet cloths on the kitchen tile, and there always seem to be coupons for that stuff in the paper!

  2. Definitely all Swiffer products. I use the regular swiffer broom to get under the furniture and behind stuff, then I get out the Swiffer vaccuum to cover the large areas, then the Swiffer Wet Jet as a mop. It's such a great, easy, and efficient way to do the floors!
    P.S. Good luck with that list Missy! Lol

  3. UH, I don't think I EVER stayed all day in my pjs until all you kids were grown and we moved to the country where there was no hope of anyone stopping by unannounced. My favorite gadget is my Hoover FloorMate for floors. It works on tile and hardwood floors. It is not perfect as it doesn't get into corners but it does a pretty good job all in all. Love you!!!!

  4. In regards to #7, yes, there are days when you first have your baby that showering is the last thing you do, you may want to more than anything but are unable to (especially w/a c-section, you can't get soap or water on the stitches, really sucked). I was w/ Kailyn 24/7 just staring at her and if she was sleeping, I was making sure she was breathing. haha, first time mommy things to do! That's something (showering) that you shouldn't really worry about at first tho since you're a new mom, you have to get to know your newborn. :)

  5. I just read my comment and it sounds gross but more often than not, most new moms I talk to don't get a chance to shower everyday.

  6. Andrea - that doesn't sound gross at all!!!! This is a no judgement blog, and plus, I have heard that from every new mom too :).


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