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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Handy Manny

One of the coolest things about my husband is his carpentry ability. He's not a professional or anything, but its a favorite hobby of his, and he does very well. His most famous achievement was designing and building the gazebo we were married in all by himself! He's also been known to make furniture and last year he built a very pretty pergola for our backyard.

This year, we were offered a riding lawnmower for FREE, and although our yard isn't huge, its fairly large. We talked about it and decided to accept it because it gets sooooo hot in the summers and its pretty much a weekly chore. The only trouble... we didn't have a place to store it. Nick has one cardinal rule, and that is that cars belong in the garage! So storing the lawnmower in the garage was not an option.

We talked it over, and we decided to build a shed. We checked out Lowe's and Home Depot to see what they had to offer, but we felt fairly confident that Nick could design and build it (with help from his awesome Dad) and we could save about $1000. Nick's mom and I helped a little bit too.

Nick and his dad did an incredible job! They preframed everything in the garage, and when it came time to fit everything together, all of the pieces fit perfectly! They are both perfectionist engineers so I am not surprised, but it was pretty cool to see.
They had to learn to become roofers, which was probably the hardest part!
Here it is all finished! Nick used to have a "man room" in our house, but it was sort of claimed for the Wannton. Now, he has his shed... so we're even, right? :)
Tah dah!
And here's a shot of the Frodo just because he's cute and hasn't made it on the blog in a while. :)


  1. Totally impressive! That man is a very handy manny! Love your pup's name. We've been watching the LOTR movies as they played on TBS this week. :) praying for you guys and wannton.

  2. OMG Nick, that's awesome! I will have to share that with Henry :)

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