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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Girls Day Out!

One thing that I haven't done the whole time I was pregnant was buy a outfit for baby. As soon as I found out Isla was Isla, I couldn't wait to go and get her a special outfit just from mommy!

So as soon as I was feeling up to it, we dressed her up in the adorable little white and pink outfit her Boo bought her, and trekked out to All About Baby for some shopping! Here, she is, sooo excited for her trip out. Don't worry, we kept her well covered and the store we visited was not a germy place.

I had to seriously pace myself because everything in there was so cute. Plus, after this its all hand me downs and thrift store clothes for our little Lollypop, so I wanted to take my time to get her something special.

What I found was this precious Feltman Brother's dress that she is going to wear to her Baby Dedication at our church! Plus this is an heirloom outfit that she can save for her daughter one day.
And then I got one more thing... and then swore that this would be the last one... and the rest after this one would be all hand me downs and thrift store clothes :). Isn't it cute??? I can't wait to dress her in it for a fun summer outing.
After that we were pretty pooped! I had so much fun with my girl, and I can't wait to do more fun things together as she gets older.


  1. Love this post;) And really she is gorgeous Stori!

  2. Yeeeeeey! So cute! I'm so happy for Mommy and Isla!

  3. Cute! Glad you were able to get out some, I know you and Isla enjoyed it! Take it easy---I probably pushed it too much :) I cant wait to see how much she changes over the next few weeks! I cant get over how much she looked like you even right when she was born...I LOVE it when babies clearly look like one of the parents!!!

  4. Very cute! Kudos to you for getting out there so soon after birth, especially after a c-section! I don't think i left the house for at least a month! (It was also very cold when she was born!)


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