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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

39 Week Bummer Day!

I had my 39 week appointment yesterday and nothing has changed from last week :(. I'm still 3 cm, 80% effaced and at a -3 station. Bummer, but it could be worse, also, less than 6 days until April 12th... my due date :). Crazy that it is so close!

Also, we have been shopping around for new cell phone service because I am so fed up with Sprint. Its horrible in our area, and even as frugal as we are, Nick and I decided it was worth it to get out of our contract to be able to have decent service now that I don't have my work Blackberry to depend on.

So we have spent the last two Saturdays shopping our options and we were hoping to bundle internet with the phone. When we went to AT&T, they totally sold us on their new UVerse Service... what is UVerse you ask? Well its CABLE and TiVo! I had budgeted $150 for cell phone and internet, and with bundling cell phone, UVerse, and AT&T's internet along with Nick's company discounts, it was only going to be $105 per month :), and you had to bundle at least 3 things (the other option was the landline phone).

Yes, we are the only people in the free world who still use Rabbit Ears, and have for most of our marriage. We were a little reluctant to make the lifestyle switch as we are afraid that we will spend hours in front of the TV now watching House Hunters, but once we made the decision, I was sooo excited. I thought it would be nice to have being home with a little one all day and I doubt I'll abuse it. I usually don't turn the TV on before 5 PM anyway.

Well, we went yesterday to sign up and the sales lady asked for our address (which we had already given her on Saturday) and lo and behold, UVerse isn't available at our house and won't be for a few months! I was kind of irritated because I know she ran our address before she proceeded to sell us on the idea on Saturday. Plus we live less than 2 miles away from the AT&T store... and I can't believe that we don't get it being that close.

Anyway, now I am stuck with the horrible Sprint phone for a few more months, until UVerse comes out and we can bundle it all at once.

I feel like a big giant baby because I was so disappointed yesterday over the cell phone and the baby and its not that big of a deal! The silver lining... more time alone with Nick, and if it takes a few more months to get UVerse, we may not have to pay uncessesary money to Sprint! So, there's always an upside :).


  1. I love the silver lining approach. I don't think you are a big baby at all . . . those things are totally disappointing, and it is possible that your hormones are not totally even keeled right now. :) Good luck with L&D . . . can't wait to see pics of the little wannton and find out who he/she is! For today I pray peace, patience and contentment! ;)

  2. LOL, I think you got it with the hormones :).

  3. At least you are not past your due date and have NOTHING going on down there :)

  4. Awww! It is good you won't have to pay the fees to quit Sprint though -- it's so annoying if you have to do it. Matt did it so he could join my Verizon plan, and we were just irritated about it (even though the switched saved us bc we talked so much on the phone while we were long-distance). You will love U-verse. My mom loves it. Hehehe.

  5. Stori, we are so excited for Wannton! I literally think about ya'll EVERY day because I know it's so close :)

    So so so happy to hear that someone else is leaivng the dreadful SPRINT! AT&T is way better anyways, and I'm so glad to see you guys noticed as well. We have everything that you plan to sign up for; mobile, internet and Uverse. Everything is fabulous. Mobile has never really caused us problems. Uverse and internet are the two that we've had for about 5 months now. Knock on wood, we haven't had any problems yet. The onlt problem we have is that we record more shows than anyone we know :) Haha!

    With a new baby coming...spring and get iPhones for both of you :) There's no price to the best communication when a baby is in the mix!

  6. Yay! You will appreciate cable more than you know! I feel like a couch potatoe but Avery doesn't give me much choice right now... Anyhoo, is the new number you sent me the one you're using?

  7. Adrienne - it is annoying that you have to pay so much to get out of something that doesn't work! Verizon is also good in our area for phone/internet, but I kind of got sold on UVerse. I'm so excited to hear you mom likes it!

    Krista - We'll see about the iPhone, just getting cable TV is a big step for us :).

    Jessica - Yes! We are keeping that number for now.

  8. Cindy - Thanks for helping me keep it in perspective, I think it could be cool if Jake and the Wannton shared a birthday. :)

  9. Oh, we would have gone with U-Verse here if it was available! You made the right decision. :)

  10. Now that it is so close to Steelie's birthday, it would be neat if you could hold on until the 15th.Love you , mom


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