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Thursday, April 1, 2010

38 Weeks!

Here is a picture of me at 38 weeks and 2 days! I look terrible, but all vanity has gone out the window :). It amazing, I gained 20 pounds in the first 35 weeks and then 7 pounds alone in the 3 weeks since! That's a 26% increase in just 8% of the time. I feel like I am expanding like a balloon and I haven't changed my diet or anything. I think its mostly water and Wannton... Ah, why do I feel the need to give an explanation :), its such a girl thing to do. I'm 9 months pregnant, that should be excuse enough! I have ZERO control over my body right now.

And here's the Wannton! The poor little thing has NO room. It squirms a lot these days, but not nearly as much as before. The ultrasound and Doctor both have him/her pegged at around 7 1/2 lbs! The Doctor feels that that is pretty substantial for my size. YAY for my big baby :). I just want him/her to be healthy. And every single indication points to the fact that this is a perfectly normal, healthy baby and pregnancy. I just love my Lord who has blessed me so greatly!

Also, I saved this for the last, but at my appointment on Monday, I was 3 cm dilated, 80% effaced, and my cervix was in an anterior position. The baby is still pretty high at a -3 station though, but the second the Wannton decides to drop... that should be it and it will be arrival time! I hope that I continue to dilate and not feel anything. :)

Finally, a prayer request, I hate to complain since I have been so blessed in this pregnancy, but I have gotten pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome the past three or four weeks from the extra fluid. Its very uncomfortable and my hands are numb all the time. I can't bend my fingers in my right hand that well and they hurt so it can make normal tasks kind of difficult and keeps me up at night. I am going to get a massage to see if it helps, but if you could, please be praying that this numbness abates because I still have SO MUCH TO DO! I want my house to be spotless before the baby comes. Plus I still have about a lot of Thank You notes to get out of the door :).


  1. Do Not worry about the house, I will take care of it when I get there, which will be soon as tomorrow it goes to single digits on the countdown. Love you mom

  2. Aww, I hope your hands feel better! I hate carpal tunnel. I will say a little prayer for you. P.S. You are going to have that baby any minute -- so exciting!

  3. Can I come help you??? At least come visit next week? :)

  4. Haha, thanks you guys :). I should really stop complaining about carpal tunnel while typing up 4 blog posts in one day.

    Yes Jessica!!! Let's get together next week :).


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