"In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps."

Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Few Days of Firsts: Meeting Emily, Pediatrician's Visit, and Family Walk

Isla's Aunt Shawna and her Cookie (my mom) have been visiting for the past few days. If you want to know how we spend most of our time... the picture below says it all. We dress her up in cute things and take pictures of her and stare at her! Here she is in another precious outfit from her Boo (Nick's mom) on a special blanket that Mommy bought her. She is such a sweet little angel baby and only cries when she's hungry.
Thursday was a very eventful day full of visitors! The most important one was my best friend Emily who came in from Houston to visit her sister Jessica who is also a dear friend and lives nearby. Emily got to come and meet Isla for the first time. Emily has a little girl Annelise and is pregnant with her second! Here is a picture of the three of us with our girls. That's me on the left with Isla, Jessica in the middle with Avery, and Emily on the right with Annie.

Friday we took Isla to her first pediatrician's visit. I always knew she was a strong baby, and she passed with flying colors. She is in the 50th percentile for height, weight and head circumference, and at 7 lbs 9.5 oz, she's already almost back up to her birth weight. Her Doctor said she looked so good that she could skip her 2 week appointment and go straight to her 1 month! That made me so happy and calmed all of my worries about whether or not she was getting enough breast milk and sleeping enough. Here she is below all dressed up and waiting to be taken to the Docs.

Finally, this morning we went on our first family walk... sans Frodo who was NOT happy to be left behind! It felt good to get out in the sunshine and walk, eventhough we only went 1/2 mile. I'm hoping we can go again tonight and see how we do.
I am loving being a mommy to this precious angel!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Girls Day Out!

One thing that I haven't done the whole time I was pregnant was buy a outfit for baby. As soon as I found out Isla was Isla, I couldn't wait to go and get her a special outfit just from mommy!

So as soon as I was feeling up to it, we dressed her up in the adorable little white and pink outfit her Boo bought her, and trekked out to All About Baby for some shopping! Here, she is, sooo excited for her trip out. Don't worry, we kept her well covered and the store we visited was not a germy place.

I had to seriously pace myself because everything in there was so cute. Plus, after this its all hand me downs and thrift store clothes for our little Lollypop, so I wanted to take my time to get her something special.

What I found was this precious Feltman Brother's dress that she is going to wear to her Baby Dedication at our church! Plus this is an heirloom outfit that she can save for her daughter one day.
And then I got one more thing... and then swore that this would be the last one... and the rest after this one would be all hand me downs and thrift store clothes :). Isn't it cute??? I can't wait to dress her in it for a fun summer outing.
After that we were pretty pooped! I had so much fun with my girl, and I can't wait to do more fun things together as she gets older.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Arrival of Isla Frances

She's here! Probably everyone already knows, but I realized that she is now 5 days old and her mommy has not done ONE blog post in her honor.

She arrived on April 15, 2010 at 1:03 PM weighing in at 7 lbs 12 oz! Sadly, I was not able to go into labor on my own and I ended up having a c-section because she was just too big for my birth canal! It sounds so much worse than it actually was, I labored for 14 hours without an epidural before I caved and asked for one but before that the pain was completely manageable. The next 16 hours were perfectly enjoyable, except for one little scare where her heart rate dropped, and without pain, and finally my Doctor came in and said that she just wasn't coming out on her own. She would not drop into the birth canal and after alllll of those contractions pounding away at her, she was still somewhere between a -2 and a -1 station. Nick was the best husband and stayed by my side the whole time. I can't even come up with the words to describe how much I love him and how much I have appreciated all that he did and continues to do to help me cope with the after effects of a c-section.

They wheeled me in around 12:30 and less than half an hour later, she was here!

She's already found her thumb!

I did get two of my greatest prayers answered for this birth. The first was that I would not be afraid, and I just felt God's perfect peace throughout the entire 30 hours. The second was that I would bring her forth in joy, and all that I can say is that I have never been so joyful as I was bringing her into this world and every minute since her birth just gets better and better! Nick and I are just falling in love with her :).

The hardest part was naming her! It took us over 8 hours after she was born to name her. We went into the hospital with a short list of names. We knew that her middle name would either be Elizabeth or Frances in honor of both of our maternal grandmothers. Isla was actually my last choice because it did not have a family or sentimental connection, it was just a name that we thought was pretty. My top choice would have made her initials N.E.W... which I loved because one of my favorite verses in the bible is about God making all things new, but Nick wasn't crazy about it. Nick just kept going back to Isla and I could tell that he was stuck on it. So I agreed even though I was a little worried that it didn't have meaning or connection to anything.

Finally we made the announcement, and I think my mom was in the room. When we told her the name was Eye-la and spelled I-S-L-A, she said "That's like my name!" Her name is Lisa, and so Isla is the letters of her name rearranged! That made it perfect, and I can't believe we didn't make the connection before. Now, I can't believe that I ever considered another name for this sweet little princess. Nick and I love her so much.

Now I've got to go and wake her up to eat! She is the sleepingest thing I ever saw, and its been hard to get her up to eat. Do any of you moms out there have tips on keeping your newborn up long enough to eat???

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


How cute is this baby?

If I have a little boy... other women won't have a chance with him!

And if I have a little girl... oh, I hope she's not jealous! :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

40 Weeks and No Wannton!

We just got back from the Doctor, and initially I came out of it very disheartened.

Good news: I am 4 cm dilated and 80% effaced and the baby has dropped from -3 to -2! That's a lot of progress with no pain or discomfort :).

Bad News: My Doctor told me that he wanted to induce the Wannton in the next day or two because he is really thinking the baby is over 8 lbs at this point, and he thinks that's a little too big for me. Beyond that he was thinking most definite C-Section. He actually wanted us to go in TONIGHT!!! We managed to finagle a Wednesday at 6:00 am induction. I figure we'll watch a little Lost and get a good nights rest :).

I actually doubt that the baby will be over 8 lbs and that I wouldn't be able to have a vaginal delivery... but there's a reason that he's the Doctor. Plus he has delivered over 7000 babies to my ZERO, so I am going to trust him even if it means not having the birth that I want.

As I mentioned I was disheartened because inducement was the last thing I wanted, but you know what? I still have over 24 hours to go into labor on my own, and that is what Nick and I will be praying for.

Plus, I remembered all of God's victories so far in this pregnancy.

1. We conceived finally after years of trying without fertility drugs, just by trusting in God's word.
2. My pregnancy has been so easy and healthy with minimal discomfort to me. All of my check ups everything is perfect, down to not being anemic which only 1 in 10 pregnant women are not anemic.
3. How awesome is it that I am 4 cm dilated? Thank you LORD! My Doctor thinks he/she will come fast, although not as fast as Bobby Jindal's wife.
4. Our baby is BIG and healthy and probably really, really good looking :).

So I am not disheartened or nervous anymore! This is the Lord's baby, and its all in his hands. But I would like to request that anyone who reads this will be praying that we go into labor on our own.

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go." ~ Joshua 1:9

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Handy Manny

One of the coolest things about my husband is his carpentry ability. He's not a professional or anything, but its a favorite hobby of his, and he does very well. His most famous achievement was designing and building the gazebo we were married in all by himself! He's also been known to make furniture and last year he built a very pretty pergola for our backyard.

This year, we were offered a riding lawnmower for FREE, and although our yard isn't huge, its fairly large. We talked about it and decided to accept it because it gets sooooo hot in the summers and its pretty much a weekly chore. The only trouble... we didn't have a place to store it. Nick has one cardinal rule, and that is that cars belong in the garage! So storing the lawnmower in the garage was not an option.

We talked it over, and we decided to build a shed. We checked out Lowe's and Home Depot to see what they had to offer, but we felt fairly confident that Nick could design and build it (with help from his awesome Dad) and we could save about $1000. Nick's mom and I helped a little bit too.

Nick and his dad did an incredible job! They preframed everything in the garage, and when it came time to fit everything together, all of the pieces fit perfectly! They are both perfectionist engineers so I am not surprised, but it was pretty cool to see.
They had to learn to become roofers, which was probably the hardest part!
Here it is all finished! Nick used to have a "man room" in our house, but it was sort of claimed for the Wannton. Now, he has his shed... so we're even, right? :)
Tah dah!
And here's a shot of the Frodo just because he's cute and hasn't made it on the blog in a while. :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

What's in a name?

Scene - Nick and Stori out walking in an effort to get the Wannton to drop and come out.

Nick (in a disgusted voice): Ugh, that is the most hideous weed.
Me: That is a thistle.

FYI, I am a Thistle by birth, but a Wann by marriage.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sunshine Cleaning!

***Update: I don't think I made it clear that your hubby is supposed to prioritize the list, so that you don't have to fret if you can't do everything! It lets you pick and choose.***

There have been a couple of really great cleaning tips that I have gleaned from other blogs recently.

The first one I found is on prioritizing cleaning based on your hubby's expectations. When Nick and I were first married, I read a story about a wife who would spend every day before her husband got home killing herself to get the house spic and span because she assumed that that was what he expected of her! He would come home and be grumpy and unappreciative and it just got their whole evenings off to a rough start. Eventually they talked it out, and it turned out that he didn't care what the house looked like! The only thing he wanted to know was what was for dinner :)... so like a man. He didn't care if it was home cooked, ordered in, taken out, or going out, he just wanted to know what to eat. That story has always stuck with me.

Right now, Nick helps me a lot with household chores, and he will still help me, I'm sure, but I will probably be taking over a lot of the work since I'll be home more. I found this blog here that gave me the great idea to make a list and set expectations so that we can all be happy. When Nick and I were taking our Love and Respect class, there was a man on there who said that he just felt like a paycheck. It broke my heart! I never want Nick to feel that way or that his wishes don't count as much as mine. He's such an easy husband anyway, that I owe him that much!

Here is an example list:
  • A Hug, a Kiss, and a Hello when he walks in the door!
  • A meal (in general, not necessarily home cooked) just to know what we're eating.
  • The laundry done and put away.
  • A clean kitchen.
  • All bills reviewed, paid and put away.
  • The floors clean and swept.
  • A cleaned up, dressed and showered wife.
  • A clean bedroom with made bed.
  • A clean bathroom.
  • A home cooked meal (either ready or on the stove).
Some of these may seem a little silly (see item number 7), but I've heard that it can be a difficult accomplishment with a newborn... plus I have a mother who has been known to spend her entire day in her PJs on more than one occasion. I fear it may be in the genes!

The second great piece of advice was a direction to Martha Stewart's website. She has lists of cleaning items that should be done daily, weekly and seasonally. I so plan on using this list! I tend to put off cleaning, and I get overwhelmed by all that I have to do. This will make cleaning much easier and I like being given advice on tactics!

Now, I have some advice to solicit - clean floors is HIGH on both my hubby's list and Martha's list, plus, I think I will want to have very clean floors with a baby crawling around. Unfortunately, floors are usually the last things that I end up cleaning... if they get done at all. I will usually do just about anything to get out of mopping!

So, help me out here, what cleaning gadgets do you use to keep your floors clean? Are they easy to use?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

39 Week Bummer Day!

I had my 39 week appointment yesterday and nothing has changed from last week :(. I'm still 3 cm, 80% effaced and at a -3 station. Bummer, but it could be worse, also, less than 6 days until April 12th... my due date :). Crazy that it is so close!

Also, we have been shopping around for new cell phone service because I am so fed up with Sprint. Its horrible in our area, and even as frugal as we are, Nick and I decided it was worth it to get out of our contract to be able to have decent service now that I don't have my work Blackberry to depend on.

So we have spent the last two Saturdays shopping our options and we were hoping to bundle internet with the phone. When we went to AT&T, they totally sold us on their new UVerse Service... what is UVerse you ask? Well its CABLE and TiVo! I had budgeted $150 for cell phone and internet, and with bundling cell phone, UVerse, and AT&T's internet along with Nick's company discounts, it was only going to be $105 per month :), and you had to bundle at least 3 things (the other option was the landline phone).

Yes, we are the only people in the free world who still use Rabbit Ears, and have for most of our marriage. We were a little reluctant to make the lifestyle switch as we are afraid that we will spend hours in front of the TV now watching House Hunters, but once we made the decision, I was sooo excited. I thought it would be nice to have being home with a little one all day and I doubt I'll abuse it. I usually don't turn the TV on before 5 PM anyway.

Well, we went yesterday to sign up and the sales lady asked for our address (which we had already given her on Saturday) and lo and behold, UVerse isn't available at our house and won't be for a few months! I was kind of irritated because I know she ran our address before she proceeded to sell us on the idea on Saturday. Plus we live less than 2 miles away from the AT&T store... and I can't believe that we don't get it being that close.

Anyway, now I am stuck with the horrible Sprint phone for a few more months, until UVerse comes out and we can bundle it all at once.

I feel like a big giant baby because I was so disappointed yesterday over the cell phone and the baby and its not that big of a deal! The silver lining... more time alone with Nick, and if it takes a few more months to get UVerse, we may not have to pay uncessesary money to Sprint! So, there's always an upside :).

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Empire Building

As I mentioned before, I asked for a package in my company's most recent rounds of layoffs. It was actually not bad for layoffs because most of the people who received packages wanted them and had asked for them.

Well yesterday was my last day! It was sad because I am going to miss working for a great company and with smart, wonderful people, but I know it was for best. The truth is, I have never been "career ambitious". I love to work, and I LOVE the Oil and Gas industry, but I never see myself as a career woman. Here is a picture of Nick and I at our dinner last night celebrating our new big chapter in our lives :), isn't he so handsome? I know I'm biased, but I do just love his face. And those DIMPLES (oh my!), I hope the Wannton inherits those!

I alluded to a few more things that God had done for us in my Big News 2010 post, but I didn't want to say anything until things were more certain. Well, I have been lucky enough to be given the opportunity to continue to work part time in Oil and Gas and from home once the Wannton comes! It sounds kind of silly to love O&G, especially in our new "green world"... well I'll talk about that more later, but honestly, I have always been proud to be a part of supplying energy to people and industries, which is always a good thing. This work will be roughly 10 hours a week, after a 3 month hiatus to get to know the Wannton, and I can quit at any time if I don't think I can handle it. I think I will LOVE it, but my first priority will always be my home and family.

So, even though I may not be "career woman ambitious" I still have a lot of ambitions.

My first big ambition is to have a happy marriage. I love my husband, and I know that by following rules for marriage laid out by the Author and Creator of marriage, we will be successful! "Has not the LORD made them one? In flesh and spirit they are his." The Bible says that woman was literally created for man to be his "life saver." Wow, what a huge responsibility and I take it very seriously. I am my husbands life saver! He needs me, I just love that :).

My second big ambition is to raise children who love their Lord. "And what does [the LORD] want? Godly children from your union." I have no idea how to do this! I just have to turn them over to Him and let Him raise them :).

Lastly, in building our Wann Empire :), I want all of my endeavors, at home with my family, in my investments, and in my work to be an offering to Him and used to expand His Empire :). You know, not everyone may want to know Him, and that's fine. No body forces anyone to get to know their Creator, but I at least want everyone to have the opportunity to get to know him, and there are BILLIONS of people world wide who have never even heard of Jesus.

So... I may not be a working woman anymore, but I would still say that I am ambitious :).

38 Weeks!

Here is a picture of me at 38 weeks and 2 days! I look terrible, but all vanity has gone out the window :). It amazing, I gained 20 pounds in the first 35 weeks and then 7 pounds alone in the 3 weeks since! That's a 26% increase in just 8% of the time. I feel like I am expanding like a balloon and I haven't changed my diet or anything. I think its mostly water and Wannton... Ah, why do I feel the need to give an explanation :), its such a girl thing to do. I'm 9 months pregnant, that should be excuse enough! I have ZERO control over my body right now.

And here's the Wannton! The poor little thing has NO room. It squirms a lot these days, but not nearly as much as before. The ultrasound and Doctor both have him/her pegged at around 7 1/2 lbs! The Doctor feels that that is pretty substantial for my size. YAY for my big baby :). I just want him/her to be healthy. And every single indication points to the fact that this is a perfectly normal, healthy baby and pregnancy. I just love my Lord who has blessed me so greatly!

Also, I saved this for the last, but at my appointment on Monday, I was 3 cm dilated, 80% effaced, and my cervix was in an anterior position. The baby is still pretty high at a -3 station though, but the second the Wannton decides to drop... that should be it and it will be arrival time! I hope that I continue to dilate and not feel anything. :)

Finally, a prayer request, I hate to complain since I have been so blessed in this pregnancy, but I have gotten pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome the past three or four weeks from the extra fluid. Its very uncomfortable and my hands are numb all the time. I can't bend my fingers in my right hand that well and they hurt so it can make normal tasks kind of difficult and keeps me up at night. I am going to get a massage to see if it helps, but if you could, please be praying that this numbness abates because I still have SO MUCH TO DO! I want my house to be spotless before the baby comes. Plus I still have about a lot of Thank You notes to get out of the door :).

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