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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tea Time!

My third shower was in Covington at a little tea room! I just love my two hostesses, who insisted on throwing me a baby shower even though both of them had just had babies! Jessica blogged about it here!

Here is a picture of me with them... don't they look great? Jessica on the left, gave birth to Little Avery just 5 weeks before this, isn't it sickening how skinny she looks? And Elysha in the middle gave birth to baby Nathan just 3 weeks before, and she looks beautiful too! Then there's me. You can tell that this is right about the time I started to enter into the "puffy" phase of pregnancy :). Nick tells me I still look beautiful though.

For my shower game, they had people guess how big around my stomach was! Well it was 41 INCHES... I about died when they got done measuring. But the worst part is that most of the guests were so far off that they went over the measuring tape, which I think went to 60 inches. It was actually pretty funny :). What would you have guessed judging from this picture?

Here are all of my shower guests! I don't know that many people in Louisiana, but the people I do have become life long friends. It was a really wonderful shower, and everything was so laid back. I loved every second, and I got way too many gifts. Let me tell you... this little Wannton doesn't need anything!

Finally, this picture is of me, my mom, and my Nana. I knew my mom would come to all of the showers, but I didn't expect Nana too! I'm so glad that she did, and we had the best time hanging out and SHOPPING all weekend long. What a blessed girl I am!

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  1. I had so much fun doing the shower for you! I love you, too! Hurry up Wannton! :)


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