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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stylin' Diaper Bag

Pretty cute, huh? Now, I can't wait to stock it full of things that will eventually touch/hold baby poop :).
I am getting sooooo excited!!!!


  1. I'm in love... And maybe a bit jealous?? Lol
    I love that it doesn't even look like a diaper bag :)

  2. You're jealous of something of mine??? I am honored, you are the most stylish girl I know! This makes me feel good :).

  3. It is very cute, just make sure there's enough space in there for all the baby stuff. It's amazing everything you have to carry along with you when you have a baby.

  4. Nice! Mine looks just like a backpack. Not as cool looking as yours but pretty practical :)

  5. Its bigger than it looks! Promise. Also, I got a plain black, practical one on clearance from PB. That way Nick doesn't have to lug around a giant, colorful peacock bag if he ever has to take the baby out! :)

  6. Dad says we need to be packed and ready to go by next Wed. Do you think the baby will cooperate and come by then?

  7. Super cute--that's what I want when I have a baby. Someday. Awhile from now. ^_^



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