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Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Storybook Baby Shower

I just had a super week in Texas!

I flew to Houston on Wednesday, and my mom picked me up at the airport. We drove to San Antonio, we may or may not have stopped in San Marcos on the way (hello Pottery Barn Outlet!), and picked up one of my best friends, Jessy. She came in from California for my baby shower, but had used the beginning part to of the week to visit her family that lives there. The shower wasn't until Saturday, so I had her at my mercy for two days.

I took her to some of my favorite places that I had always wanted to share with her: the San Antonio Riverwalk, The Alamo, The Gristmill, Gruene Hall, and COLLEGE STATION, HOME OF THE FIGHTIN' TEXAS AGGIES - WHOOP!

We all know I'm shameful about taking pictures, so I have none to share... And besides, this post is about my baby shower, so...

Emily and Jessy threw me a "Storybook" themed baby shower and it was so wonderful! Here are some of the highlights:

This is me with the wonderful, precious hostesses! That is Emily on the left and Jessy on the right.

I met Emily in high school, but we didn't really become friends until college. She was my roommate in college, and one of my favorite people. She is so sweet, and has the ability to see the heart of a person. I tend to suffer from "Foot In Mouth" disease, but she always knows what I mean. She is also someone who always follows through with what she says she will do, but is always forgiving and gracious to the rest of us flakes (especially her wayward former roommate). Also, she is 8 weeks pregnant with her second baby! I have always wanted to be pregnant at the same time as Emily and I am finally getting my wish :).

I met Jessy in California when Nick was in grad school at Stanford, and she is such an amazing girl. She is so funny and always keeps me laughing. She has the strongest faith of anyone I know, and I am constantly amazed at her insight and the tenacity that she has in her relationship with God. She always challenges me to dig deeper in my faith and grow.

These are two girls that I admire deeply! I think that they are both so wonderful, and I am constantly wondering why they are friends with me :). I do not deserve two such sweet girls for friends.

This picture is of one of the tables. Can you tell what it is supposed to be? It's a BED all made up and ready for story time! Is it not completely adorable?

This is my cake... also completely adorable. I made sure that it was in all of my pictures that I took with people.

Speaking of Emily and her ability to follow through... she sewed me this BEAUTIFUL quilt. I really do not deserve a gift like this! This was the biggest surprise of the day, and Nick is starting to get nervous because I want to redecorate the entire nursery around it! Isn't it just beautiful? She said it was the hardest quilt she has ever done, and I don't know how she found the time to make it between working and raising her daughter, Annelise.

It was such a special day, and I am so thankful to all of my friends who came! If you want to see more pictures of the event, hop on over to Hannah's Habits (Emily and also Jessica's little sister), she was sweet enough to be our photographer and she posted all of her pictures on her blog.



    I love the Gristmill. No comment on College Station. ;) jk jk jk!

  2. Thank you! I am pleasantly surprised by my pictures :)... does that sound vain?

    Its ok about the College Station comment... that was pretty much her reaction too. I love it though :)! I'm excited though, I picked up a little Aggie outfit and then I got another one at the shower. I bought the cutest little Aggie bow if its a girl and I have a skull cap if its a boy!

  3. It was an amazing shower, how blessed you are to have so many loving people in your life. Don't forget your Thank You notes, Love you much, mom. PS I would love to send you my pictures of the baby shower but ergh... still trying to figure out how to sort through the 2k I have taken since Christmas.

  4. Stori, I agree with Adrienne's comment and Lisa I loved the "thank you" note comment...that's exactly what I would say to Jeremy & Jeffrey......I don't think they're ever too old to get "mothered"! LOL


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