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Monday, February 1, 2010

She's Crafty!!!

On Saturday night at my lamaze class my new friend, Chiara, invited me to a card making class on Sunday afternoon! I have wanted to learn how to make fancy cards for a while now. Our Admin in Houston used to make special cards for everyone's birthday, and they were so cute! So, there was no way I was going to miss this.

The girl who hosted the class is an Independent Demonstrator for a company called Stampin' Up. Its similar to Mary Kay or Southern Living Home, only for crafting things. She had so many cool little gadgets... I could see where it could become very addicting! She can make all kinds of cute things in addition to cards, like cool books, boxes, baby booties, and even purses. I highly recommend you click on her website and check out all of her crafting ideas.

We made Valentine's cards, and since I couldn't find my camera, I had to take pictures on my phone. They are not the best quality, but you can tell that they are pretty darn cute!

Anyway, I am going back on Thursday for making welcome baby cards! If you live on the Northshore and are interested in coming with me, just let me know :). You can RSVP here!



  1. Oh man, I'd totally take that class with you! I love crafty stuff. Jealous. I need to take a class.

  2. Those are really cute! Better take all those classes before baby comes, cuz once he/she is here, there will be no time...hahaha! :)
    (At least not for a while) Can't wait to see the baby cards.

  3. So wish I could go!! You might have to share what you learn :)


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