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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our Newest Little Agg...

Not Agg as in Aggie, Agg as in Avery Grace Gribnau! Although I'm sure that her Aggie papa has no problems with me claiming her for Maroon and White, her Red Raider mama might have some problems with that!

I wanted to wait until Jessica posted on Avery before I made a post! You can read about it here. I am so excited that she is here, and I can't wait to be close by to watch her grow. She is such a lovely little baby and I just adore her her full head of dark hair. I think she has her Daddy's eyes, but the rest is all Jessica. I got hold her for a good two hours the other day! I caught her pursing her little lips, and then I looked over and Jessica was doing the exact same thing. Its hard to believe that she'll already be one week old tomorrow. I'm sad that its going to be a couple more weeks before I get to see her probably and I am so bummed :(.

Here she is, pursing those sweet little rosy lips!



  1. :)
    you can come see her anytime you want.
    Sorry it took so long to get my post up... It was probably killing you, lol.
    Everyone comments on her pretty lips... They are one of her best traits so far :)

  2. She's such a little beauty!

    Yes, please, I'll take another daughter, LOL! Babies are just too smoochable. :o)

  3. OH My GOSH, she is gorgeous, no surprise though, so is her momma!!


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