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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Everybody got LOST last night (everybody got LOST last night)!

All day yesterday I had the song "Everybody have fun tonight!" running through my head but with the lyrics "Everybody get LOST tonight!" But really the two are one in the same...

Ahhh, how do you recap two hours of pure awesomeness? I simply cannot do it... however, a few things stick out to me:

1) One, I TOTALLY called who/what the Smoke Monster is! However, I was wrong about him being Christian Shepherd since ghost Christian can get off of the island, and apparently Smokey/MIB cannot. Plus Christian was in Jacob's cabin, and Smokey/MIB should never have been able to get through the ash ring. But then again... wasn't it Christian that told Sun to wait for John Locke last season while they were in the Dharma Initiative cabins? Why would Christian (on behalf of Jacob) encourage them to wait for John Locke, knowing that he was really Smokey/MIB? Hrmmm...

2) I never understood why people hated Kate so much, but she was seriously ticking me off this episode. Its like Sawyer just lost Juliet and she will not stop throwing herself at him? Ugh, give the man some space Skanky Kate!

3) So, the Plane/Airport part... was that what will happen if/when the Losties are ultimately able to reset time? Or is that what is happening currently in a parallel universe? Its not a reset from the minute they got on the plane obviously because otherwise everything before then would be the same... and it wasn't. Shannon wasn't on the plane, Hurley was lucky, and there were some other changes as well. So, the entire Lost world must have been reset and/or continued on in a parallel universe. Craziness.

4) Terry O'Quinn had better win a friggin Emmy this season! How amazing was he in this episode alternating between a poor, pitiful John Locke (poor baby!) and the scary, commanding MIB? How awesome is this picture? It gives me chills...
5) I love John Locke! He just brings out my maternal instincts... he was a good person and he deserved better than he got. I sure hope that he has a happy ending in this series. I liked his exchange with Jack in the airport, but I was so sad that he was still stuck in the wheelchair. Oh and when he was talking with Boone about his walkabout, I was so hopeful!

6) I want to know more about Richard Halpert... what is going on with him? Did he come on the Black Rock as a slave in chains? Or is he ancient along with the island?

7) Haha, I can't believe they brought back Leslie Arzt? How funny! And Frogurt!

8) I think they will quickly reveal more about Claire in the next episode since it is called "What Kate Does". I'm so glad we don't have to wait forever. Its been too long since they touched on her, and I really want to know what the deal is with her. She's with Jacob I guess since she was in his cabin with Christian. Also, what is the significance of Aaron? Is she still pregnant in the alternate timeline? Don't we all wish we could be as cute as her 8 months pregnant? Seriously, I know the belly is fake, but still...

9) I hope we see some Daniel Faraday at some point in the season!

I don't know what else to say, but I am so sad that the series is about to end... :( I can't wait until next Tuesday!


  1. I loved it last night! I'm sad about you-know-who being the smoke monster, just because I love him so much. (the real him) I'm pretty confused about what the situation is after the H-bomb. Are they in 2004? 2007? Are there two versions of them?

  2. -I thought you hated Kate this whole time...
    -Terry O'Quinn can make 1 really mean face!! He's awesome!
    -I started laughing when I saw Frogurt next to John on the plane. Haha!
    -I was a little pissed that we only saw about 2 seconds of Claire!
    -Also, we better see more Faraday!

  3. I have to admit openly here that I have NEVER watched lost. I don't have anything against it, I just kind of missed the whole thing and just based on comments here and there I don't think its one of those things you can start watching in the middle and understand. Maybe one day I will rent the previous seasons to watch. After all, lots of people I like seem to really like it ;)

  4. Lauren, you need to start from the beginning, but it is totally worth the time invested! Plus you are lucky because you won't have to wait YEARS for answers!

    I just realized that Smokey/MIB didn't say that he couldn't get off the island, he just said he wanted to go home, which I assumed was somewhere off island, but it could be Eden for all I know... so he could also be taking Christian's shape and visiting Jack in LA. I really need to go back and figure out when the smoke ring was and was not around the cabin. If it was around the cabin when we saw Christian then he is probably afiliated with Jacob.

    Kate never bothered me one way or the other until people started pointing out what a tease she is.

    Adrienne - I completely agree. I don't know either. 2 versions/parallel universes or are we simultaneously watching the culmination of all of their hard work along with their efforts to get there!

  5. I guess I completely ignore Kate most of the time, because I'm always thinking about everything else going on. Sometimes I zone out while watching, and then I have to watch it AGAIN. Sigh.

    Is it bad that I reject all social invitations on Tuesday nights from here on out?

  6. Throw a Lost party, make your own social engagement! That's what we did last year, but all my Lost buddies are busy with babies. Jessica had her little girl Avery this morning, and Elysha is due any day now with her son Nathan! So its just Nick and I on Lost nights for a while... :(


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