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Monday, February 15, 2010

Blogging Potpurri

These past few weeks I've been really dissatisfied with my blog. I remember Jessica went through a similar period last fall, and she closed out her blog and started a whole new one! I don't plan on doing that because afterall... It IS a Wannderful Life, but I just haven't really been all that inspired to post anything.

I mean, usually I post about whatever tickles my fancy - politics, prayer, the Wannton, our daily happenings. Lately though, my brain has been feeling very discombobulated... I think I may be suffering from a case of the Pregnancy Brain because I sure feel like its hard to finish out a thought or a topic. Example: Do 10 tortillas divided amongst 6 people equate to 2 tortillas per person with 4 left over? Don't think so... I'm also wishing that my blog had its own private editor (Adrienne, you up for the job?) because I know my grammar is all over the place.

So for this blog, I'm going to resort to bullets because I just can't finish a whole fun post with paragraphs. Its too much! I also can't seem to make myself go and find pictures.

- Nick's best friend, and the best man at our wedding, Tim and his wife Chelsea came to visit us this weekend. It was awesome! We had so much fun.

- The Wannton is at 32 weeks today! It is still moving a ton, and its taken up an activity that Nick and I like to call "Cat in a Bag" because that's literally what my stomach looks like. Its not just a few isolated kicks here and there... this baby loves to do full body dances! I love my baby, and I am fully enjoying pregnancy. I can't believe that I only have 8 weeks to go, and only 5 weeks before I am full term. YIKES! I better start getting my stuff ready for the hospital...


  1. I hate when I lack blog inspiration. I find if I force a post or two I end up wishing I had never posted them . . . but I also find I end up getting it back. But, b/c I haven't even been blogging for a year yet, I never had to blog with pregnancy brain. :) For what it is worth, I totally enjoy your blog, whatever you blog about. :)

  2. I will edit whatever you send me! :) I think your writing is great though, and I understand the frustration with blogging. Sometimes there's too much going on in your life to really pick the ONE thing to share. I like bullet points, though.

  3. Thanks, you guys! That makes me feel better :). I'm glad you know what I'm talking about with the pregnancy brain... I have been doing the loopiest things lately! :)


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