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Monday, January 18, 2010

Third Trimester!

Yay, we've made it to 28 weeks! I have my first 3rd trimester appointment tomorrow, so I am going to wait to post pictures of myself until I have some "stats" to back it up. However, I thought that this milestone deserved a post to the day!

I wanted to share some nursery pictures with you. Its alllllmost done, I just need to order a custom designed wall decal (designed by my good friend Jessica alias Suzie Home-Maker) and add a few more things to the wall. I am also waiting on the pillow that comes with my glider... but its really almost there!

My favorite part of the room :), my reading corner with a very comfy glider.

I am going to add the wall decal above the crib... what it will say is a secret for now :). Did you see the crown molding that my Baby-Daddy installed?
The changing area.
What do you think?

Also, I have registered at Babies R Us and Target. I am thinking about registering at a really cute little local store called All About Baby. I wasn't going to, but I am in there all the time and I always see such cute things. I feel so incredibly blessed and undeserving, but I am having THREE showers thrown for me! I was afraid that I wouldn't even get ONE! Hopefully people will show up... I'm having two in Houston, one on February 20th and March 6th, and another in Madisonville on March 13th (also Baby Bear's 1st Birthday!).

I am also feeling so burdened for all of the people in Haiti right now, especially with all of the abundance that seems to be coming my way. Please continue to pray for miracles for them, and that God would send rescuers to every last stranded and buried person.


  1. I love that you refer to Nick as your "baby-daddy." HAHA! The nursery looks amazing. You should definitely register at your local store; I know a lot of people who do that.

    P.S. I am throwing my friend here a baby shower on March 13! I'll send you good baby shower vibes. :)

  2. I'll be sending good vibes your way too!

    I'm glad you like the nursery, I like it too, but I am getting soooo sick of yellow and green. As soon as the baby is born, I am going to go crazy with pink or blue!


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