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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cars that go VROOM!

I have really been getting the fever for a new car since mine is almost 6 years old and Nick's is almost 9. We are NOT getting a new car, but a girl can dream, right? Our cars are perfectly fine for a while yet, and best of all, paid for.

We are firm followers of Dave Ramsey, so even when we do get a new car, it will probably be more along the lines of "new to us" since he recommends only buying used cars. I agree with him and his logic, but sometimes its fun to pretend that money is no object!

My good friend Jessica just bought a Honda Pilot and I absolutely love it! Its so pretty.
She has promised that I can come and sit in it and pretend its mine anytime to stave off my urge for a new car. I got to see it on Friday and it did curb my appetite a little bit because I remembered that if I had a new car, I would be afraid to drive it (or sit in it)!!!! I will never forget the week after I got my Chevy Trailblazer, I totally dented it above the front left tire.

When I do get a "new" car, I've decided that I want three things:
1) Stereo controls on the steering wheel.
2) A Compass.
3) One of those awesome computers that tells you how many more miles you can go based on how much gas you have left!

There may or may not be some boys that read this and shake their heads. I guess people expect more out of an engineer, but the truth is that I could care less about horse power or handling or acceleration! I am total girl when it comes to disinterest in car and their engines. I'm all about the comfort features.

My next car will probably be another mid-side SUV like my Trailblazer, probably a Honda Pilot or a Nissan Pathfinder. I will not buy a Union made car again, even though I would prefer to buy American, but finding a non Union, American car is probably going to be difficult. I like the size of my car and I'd be a little bit afraid to get a bigger one. I think the reason I dented my Trailblazer so early is because I was used to a Toyota Corolla before! However, if money, size, and politics (plus gas mileage) were no object I would love to get a Chevy Tahoe in a dark grey with all the fixins, including heated seats! I know that there are other, fancier, car brands, but even in my wildest dreams, I'm usually pretty down home, and seem to like things that are just a little bit nicer than what I already have.

What's your dream car if money were no object?


  1. When I was in Germany last fall, my friend and I had to rent a car to get to Brussels. (The trains were on strike, boo.) We reserved a VW Golf online, but when we went to pick up the car, they'd upgraded us to a BMW! It was this super-cute station wagonish (but not really long and awful a la National Lampoon's Vacation. It was a manual, six-speed machine of beauty. Just enough space for your life, but not so high off the ground that I need a stepstool to get in it. I always feel like I'm jumping out of our Acura MDX (used).

    But if I wasn't going to go all practical, clearly I'd get an amazingly fast Mustang Cobra. HA!

  2. Somehow I knew you would say a Mustang! :)

  3. We could trade cars, my Trailblazer has the 3 things you listed, however it is missing 2 hubcaps and the speedometer doens't work!! I have always "not liked" (hate to use hate) that car. My dream car is a BMW SUV, but can't say I like the new styles, everything now is streamlined and I like a boxier look. Love the look of Jessica's new car. Love you too. Mom PS Can't believe tomorrow we are in the 60's!!

  4. hmm. I love my honda cr-v we call her the crave. BUT if I could have ANY car I think I would get an Infiniti FX35 or 45 SUV. I like small to midsize SUV's like you Stori. But I have to say my sister's minivan is ACTUALLY really sweet and quite comfortable even in the third row. Its hard to beat if you have more than one kid.

  5. Minivans are pretty sweet! :) When I used to fly to Houston every week for work, I would rent a different car, and I never knew what I was going to get. I got a minivan twice and I was surprised at how easy to drive it was, and it didn't feel big at all. I would totally get one.

  6. Hey! I commented yesterday, but it's not here :(.
    Anyways, Im glad you like my car... I love it!
    We actually looked at used ones but we couldnt get the warranty.
    If I could pick any car it would be some sort of Mercades. Although, I can not drive small cars. I like to feel like I would be the one to win in the event of a wreck.
    After we grow out of the Pilot (which will be a long time from now) we hope to get a Toyota Sequoia, Nissan Armada, or Infiniti QX56.
    Sorry, but I dont think I could ever get myself to drive a minivan. lol

  7. I'm going to stick up for my minivan now. What it lacks in sex appeal it more than makes up for in functionality. I was never vehemently anti-minivan, but I was always an SUV girl. Adored our Pilot, but man once baby #2 comes along you start to really appreciate things like, door that open with the push of a button while you are carrying child and dragging another out from in front of a car . . . and a floor that doesn't raise up at the door so kids (even the 18th month old) can crawl in and out with any help after I push the button to open the door . . . which is super helpful when I am carrying two backpacks and two nap mats, and a piece of paper with macaroni glued to it that couldn't possibly have gone in one of the back packs. Real full sized adults can easily (at least easier than our pilot) get in the third row, and fit comfortably.

    And, to answer the original question, at this stage in our life, if money were no object (Ralph and I had this conversation recently so I have actually given it a lot of thought) I would literally just get a fancier version of my HOnda Odyssey! :)

  8. I love my Pathfinder but I still love the Toyota Matrix (8 yrs old) too. If I had my pick of a dreamcar it would be the Audi Q7 SUV ... Total package car in my opinion And it got a 5 star safety rating :)


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