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Monday, November 30, 2009

Making Memories of Us, Part 2

Ok, I so I know I came across as all “Woe is me” in my last post, but I am so blessed, and I have a lot of wonderful things. I am also feeling very bloggy/chatty, after this post I have another one that I want to do, and then one on Wednesday. What’s on Wednesday you ask? Well, Wednesday is my half-way ultrasound, and I plan to update you all on the Wannton with ultrasound pictures and bump pictures, and regale you with stories of all of the milestones I’ve hit! I bet you can’t wait, can you??? :)

So if you’ll recall my four Christmas decorations that I’ve wanted to get since I got married (I know its hard because its been so long between posts):
1. Lovely Nativity Set
2. A Tree Skirt
3. A Tree Topper, preferably an angel
4. And to start a Department 56 village

If you don’t know what a Department 56 village is, go check it out! It might not be for everyone, but its one of my favorite childhood Christmas memories. My mother had the Department 56 “Dicken’s” village, and every year she would add a piece or two. I just loved buying her pieces with my dad, and setting it up, and looking at all of the figures and tying them into which Dicken’s novels I had read. They just make me think of Christmas!

So, after I was done at Pottery Barn, I decided that this was also the year that I would start my village. Every year, I’ve tried to do it… but I couldn’t decide which one I wanted. First I was going to do the “O Little Town of Bethlehem” village, but the year I discovered it, they discontinued it. BOO! Then I thought the “North Pole” village because it colorful and whimsical, and anyone who knows me, knows I love a touch of whimsy! Then I thought maybe “Elfland” because, also anyone who knows me, knows I love all fairy creatures, especially the elvish kind that repair your shoes when your asleep!

***Side note, I do love the LOTR elves, but they are so tall and fair, that I can’t really relate to them. We all know I’m part hobbit!

The one I really didn’t want was the Dicken’s village because I didn’t want to copy my mom. However, after looking at all of the villages again… I decided to start their “Dicken’s A Christmas Carol” series anyway. It’s such a wonderful story of redemption, forgiveness and a changed heart. I am getting older, and I know myself better and better all the time, and the truth is, I am nothing if not a story lover.

So, I started with “Ebenezer Scrooge’s House” and “A Christmas Carol Visit” with Scrooge and the Three Christmas Ghosts. I can’t wait until they get in! I can just imagine reading “A Christmas Carol” to my babies every year and setting this up with them. I really, really want “Cratchit’s Corner” house and “Bob Cratchit and Tiny Tim” and “The Big Prize Turkey” figurines, but part of the fun is pacing yourself and just buying a few pieces a year. We’ll just have to see how I do!


  1. I want to start a little village! You got me all in the mood to start a collection like that. My mom has the "It's a wonderful life" set. It's beautiful. Maybe in our next house I will do that... We have no where to display something that pretty right now.

  2. Stori, for your next Christmas item you should get your nativity set. 2 years ago I got the Jim Shore miniature one, and I love it. I like Jim Shore stuff, but its NOT really my decorating style so I was glad when I found this and liked it. It was kind of expensive at Halmark but I found it at Macy's for half off one day. Anyway, my favorite memories about my mom's nativity set is that its made of wood and we could play with it... Thats why I was so drawn to the Jim Shore one, its colorful and made of resin (I think) so its not so fancy and fragile that it can't really be enjoyed, but its still really beautiful. I think I will probably collect nativity sets as my christmas obsession, but I've always wanted a village too!

  3. You guys should totally start your own villages! I don't have a lot of room, but I will find some place to cram this one.

    I do just need to get a nativity scene. I always build it up in my mind that I have to have this heirloom piece, but a nice one will do. I actually bought an $8 one from Dollar General a few weeks ago to tide me over. Nick kept looking at me puzzled, and finally he was like "Are you sure that the one you want?" Haha, he thought he would get off much cheaper than anticipated because he has seen me agonize over Nativity Sets for years! He was bummed when I told him that this was just for a little while, and he would still have to spend more money on one later!

  4. Oh, I just went and looked up the Jim Shore set and I love it! I agree that it needs to be made of wood/resin. That's the way my mom's was and we always loved playing with it! I almost bought a resin one from Southern Living Home.

  5. I called my mom a little while ago to tell her I just started collecting the Department 56 North Pole Christmas village. Sean will get introduced tonight. I have no idea where I will put it, but I love how whimsical it is! Where can you buy them in person? I've only looked online.

  6. I love that one! Its so magical. We used to find them in knick knack stores, like the one's they have in Old Town Spring. I bought mine through Amazon.com, and if you're comfortable with Ebay, you can get new ones for a discount there.

    Post pictures when you get it!

  7. Just bought 3 retired houses on Ebay! paid under $20 for each. I also found a local department store that carries it as well. Just to look in person, I think i am done purchasing for 09, but its SOOO addicting!

  8. I'm going to chime in on the nativity sets. I also really like the Jim Shore ones, but I got one last year that I just adore (we already had a lovely ceramic one that was a wedding present, but I liked this so much I got it anyway), from Kirkland's. I don't know if they have them this year, but you might want to just look there if you haven't. Obviously, I don't know what you are really looking for. Ours is resin, but it looks like it is carved wood, subtle (but not faded looking) color with touches or gold. They had a few to choose from of different sizes and colors last year, and they were all 1/2 off by this time. I can't remember if it was $25 or $12.50--but it is really beautiful and does not look cheap. So, just a thought for a place you might want to look. :)

  9. Thanks Melissa! We have a Kirklands 2 miles from our house, and I always forget to go there for some reason. I'll check it out this week. Also, I think I want to post pictures of my $8 set from Dollar General. I put it up last night and I like it more and more all the time!


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