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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Bill Bergen of Baby Guessing

I'm so excited! I actually have two friends that are pregnant with me, and they are due February 10th and 16th, my friend Jessica and my friend Elysha! Jessica found out on Monday that she is having a girl, and we were all convinced that she was having a boy. Elysha found out today that she was having a boy, and we were all convinced that she was having a girl. Our three babies are going to have so much fun on their playdates!

As for Nick and my baby, we've decided not to find out the sex. I will say that I am so glad that no matter what I can't be the odd girl out in our trio! I was secretly hoping that we would all have one sex or another so that they could all play, but I figured that there was only a 12.5% chance of that happening. They can still play of course, but they will want to be doing very different things before too long.

As for guessing on the sex of our baby, I give up, I am never guessing the sex of a baby again... I am always wrong. Let's review my sad, sad history of guessing gender in the unborn:

Emily - Girl, WRONG
Angie - Boy, WRONG
Staci - Girl, WRONG
Jessica - Girl, WRONG
Elysha - Boy, WRONG
Tiffany - Boy, WRONG
Ryan - Boy, WRONG
Kacy - Boy, WRONG
Shella - Boy, WRONG

There are others, I just can't think of them. So I've officially retired because there's a 0.01% chance that someone could be wrong about this 9 times in a row, but somehow I've managed to pull it off.

I do however, love to hear everyone else's guess about the Wannton! :)


  1. For the record, I totally support you in not finding out! Although, I have to say that the second I found out the sex I instantly had and have a new connection with Avery that I can't describe :)

  2. I'm going to need to see pictures of you and your cute belly before making any predictions!

  3. Alright, I will post a belly pic this Monday when I hit week 13. I'm also thinking about doing a "cheek" pic to see if they get bigger too! :)

    Jessica - don't say things like that, it makes it harder!

  4. Yeah, Jessica was so determined NOT to find out in the beginning....see how that turned out! LOL! For the record, I thought she was having a boy and BOY was I wrong! Stori, I'm leaning toward girl for you. :)

  5. I think you're having a girl, too!
    I will not find out with at least one baby! I love surprises and want to have that at least once

  6. BTW you will be the third of my preggers friends in the last year to not find out the sex of the baby ... :)

  7. Whatever you think it is Stori, guess it will just be the opposite. I am kind of leaning towards a girl, but really I DON"T CARE I AM JUST SOOOOOOOO HAPPY!!!!

  8. I love surprises, but I also hate knowing there is a surprise around the corner (it drives me crazy) so I want you to find out! I realize I have very little say in the matter though and am ultimately just super excited that you get to love on a little Wannton :)

  9. Lauren, I know what you mean! I love surprises, but I do everything I can to find out what they are. The only thing that is keeping me strong is that I have had several people tell me that I can't do it... its bringing out my feisty side and I want to prove them wrong!

  10. Haha too funny that you've had all those wrong guesses! :P


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