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Sunday, August 23, 2009

August in our Garden

Today was such a beautiful day! Definitely not like a day in the South in the middle of August. It was in the 80s with low humidity and breezy. In short the perfect day to spend in my garden with Nick! We didn't actually do any gardening, but we spent a lot of time relaxing out on the adirondack that Nick built.

Its also hard to believe that when we moved in in January of '08 that the backyard was bare except for one tiny tree and a really ugly, useless, uncovered deck that was on the west side of the house. Not only that, but the yard had serious drainage problems and the entire North side of the yard was soupy most of the time.

A year a half later, and the yard is so pretty! Nick fixed the drainage problems and we've put in our pergola, gardening beds, and several trees and bushes.

This is a view facing North. You can see the Ashe tree we planted on the left, along with the azalea bushes that we transplanted from the front yard. The tree in the middle was the solitary tree that was already in the yard. I kind of wanted to take it down, but it had shot up from another tree that was knocked down during Katrina and so it already had a strong root system. You can kind of see our Willow tree just to the right of our Katrina tree and our garden beds in the back.
Here's a close up of the Willow tree and our garden beds. We have currently planted Peas and Pumpkins. Our first crop of vegetables did not really turn out.
Here is the lovely completed pergola, along with the swing and adirondack that Nick made. Now we can sit outside at any time of the day and enjoy the view. Its Nick's favorite place in the house. Our Ruellia bush is on the left.

This is a close up of the Ruellia bush. I made the mistake of waiting until the end of the day to take a picture when the beautiful bluish purple flowers have all closed or fallen off, but during the day, its so pretty! At some point I'd like to put in a Butterfly garden right here.
And here's a close up (taken from the pergola) of our little Katrina tree. That's the widest angle my camera can handle :).
That's it for my garden tour, but it looked so pretty today that I had to share. I know I'm not a very good photographer, but I still hope you enjoyed it!

What are we doing...

So, I am so excited because in a couple of weeks we are flying to California to visit two of our dearest friends, Jessamyn and John Kirkwood! Usually, we hang out in the SF Bay Area when we visit them, but this time we are flying into Sacramento and driving to the Sierras to stay in a log cabin for four days... nature and I don't usually mix, so this could be interesting. Jessy assures that I will do fine, as long as I'm ok with fish for breakfast. She should be so confident, she was born in a cabin in the mountains from true California hippies, so she'll be in her natural habitat :). Anyway, I don't know all of the details of what we will be up to as Jessy is planning all of the details. Its only 45 minutes from beautiful Lake Tahoe, so I am hoping that we will make a stopover there!

Here is a picture of the area (found on Google images):

Here is a pictures of Lovely Lake Tahoe:

This is a picture of our rustic little cabin... I am already beginning to regret this:

No, I am actually really excited to spend time with two of our favorite people, and Nick is just over the moon because he likes being outdoorsy and he may even get some mountain biking in.

Here are Jessy and John at their wedding, aren't they cute? I was the Maid of Honor at their wedding, and only for Jessy would I wear a burnt orange bridesmaid's dress (she swears they were cinnamon)!

And I just like this one because she's so goofy:

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