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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It's Time!

And now my friends, the post you have all been waiting for...
So last year on of my best friends, Kristen Champagne, sent me a forward announcing a Harry Potter themed amusement park! Since I love Harry Potter and I love, love, love theme parks, I was soooo excited.

Side note - I love Harry Potter, but I am in no way a fanatic. They do not make my favorite books of all time, but I love them and enjoy them just the same. You will never, ever find me in a Quidditch shirt, ever... not there's anything wrong with that. I did however want to buy a Thing 1 and Thing 2 t-shirt at Islands of Adventure, but Nick sqashed that plan (boo).

THEN, I found out that the Harry Potter theme park was not going to be its own park, but an Island inside Islands of Adventure. This made it even more exciting since I love Islands of Adventure above all others (its a sacred thing, don't mess with it ;)).

And I was so excited to see pieces of the new theme park going up when I was there last week. Its really happening, I thought! We had fun guessing what pieces of the theme part were. Nick guessed the picture below is a picture of Platform 9 3/4, we also caught a glimpse of what we think is Hogwarts castle near the Dueling Dragons ride.

But something kept nagging at me... how would they fit in all that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter had to offer in such a small space? I think that Warner Brothers could put a stand alone Harry Potter theme park in the middle of Nebraska and it could attract Disney-like numbers from all over the world! I'd totally make a point to go, and I'm not even a hard core Harry Potter fan!
I checked out their webside http://www.universalorlando.com/harrypotter/, and sure enough, its only going to be one small Island. It will feature Hogsmeade, Hogwarts castle and the Forbidden forest. I'm sure that they haven't announced everything yet, but here's hoping that they don't leave out these things:
Diagon Alley
I could totally see a really fun Gringotts ride where you ride down to collect your things, but then suddenly, you've been identified as a theif and Gringotts turns on you. You go through bunches of obstacles and then you find a dragon, hop on out out!
Of course all of the shops are important too.
A 3-d ride where you're suspended in mid air, similar to Soarin' at Disney.
Hogwarts castle
This could seriously be its own village in a stand alone theme park. I envision a Haunted Mansion type ride where you get into little pods that take you around the castle. You can stay on the pods, and they would be a ride in and of themselves, or you can get off at certain locations that are their own individual rides. The main ride would have you visiting the House Elves, seeing the ghosts, traveling past Dumbledore's study. You could also have a place to eat in the great hall.
For example:
A ride that takes you down into the Chamber of Secrets to battle the Basilisk.
Explore parts of the castle on foot.
Take a ride in the a boat on the underground of Hogwarts castle, you know kind of where the first years come in and explore under there.
On the Hogwarts grounds they've already got the Forbidden Forest (thank goodness)! But I hope they don't neglect the lake where Harry meets the mermaids. I could see some sort of underwater adventure.
The Ministry of Magic
I think that this could be a cool ride that follows the events of book 5!
That would be soooo scary and so awesome filled with Dementors!
I'm sure that I could come up with more, but that's probably a good start for now. Its just off the top of my head. For any of you who have read Harry Potter, can you think of a ride you'd like to see?
Also, one of my favorite things about Harry Potter is that the most evil villain (besides Voldemort of course) is not even a Death Eater, but a government beaurocrat and she's so wicked that I can barely read the fifth book, but I manage somehow... :).


  1. Have you seen the trailer for the new movie? It looks SO good! :)

  2. I just did, I cannot wait. I making Nick read all of the books with me in preparation! Which is your favorite of the 7 books? Mine would have to be 5. Dolores Umbridge gives me shivers, and it features all of the best Fred/George antics.

  3. I dunno, but I guess I like the last one ... just finally finding out everything! I am so impatient. :) I also love flashforwards ... seeing what characters are doing when the story is over.

  4. I know! I loved the last one too, except that so many people died. I can't believe its been out for almost two years. I wish that the flash forward had been a little bit longer and given a bit more information.


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