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Friday, May 15, 2009

Hop onboard, and make your getaway... (aka Get LOST!)

How amazing is this show! Its like that shot of the ant that widens to reveal a colony that widens to reveal a park that widens to reveal Manhattan that widens to reveal the US that widens to reveal the world that widens to reveal the galaxy that widens to reveal the UNIVERSE!

This episode completely blew me away, and if you don't watch the show, now's the time, RUN to your nearest video store and start renting the old episodes. You have 7 months before the next season starts.

It was a fun but sad evening! Nick, Jessica, Jeff, Elysha, David and I all got together as usual to watch it, and Jessica made some really amazing cookies. Check them out here: http://texasladyspillingthebeans.blogspot.com/2009/05/lost-finale.html . This show is even more fun when watched with friends, and I will really miss our Wednesday evening Lost parties (tear).

I won't even try to recap the whole 2 hour finale, but I will make general comments and post my questions:

1. Expounding on my universe comment, its like at the beginning of the series, there was the Losties vs. the Others, and "bearded" Tom was the leader. Then it was revealed that Ben was the leader and it was all Ben vs. Charles Widmore. Then it was the Others vs the Dharma initiative. Now its Jacob vs. some dude in black - I'm just going to call him MIB (man in black) since we don't know his name yet. For a while we thought that Halpert was the man, but now it turns out he doesn't know a lot either.

2. Finally Jacob is revealed! Only to die at the hands of his enemy hiding in John Locke's body! Is this the "war" that Widmore and others have been talking about? If so, then who is on what side? It would seem that Smokey is on MIB's side, since he told Ben to do whatever John Locke says.

3. Do you think that Smokey is MIB? We already know that the smoke monster can take the shape of people, like Alex. If MIB is a shapeshifter, then perhaps he can get off the island like Jacob and he's been taking the form of Christian/Claire/Charlie/Ana Lucia/Libby. This would mean that Christian has never been speaking on behalf of Jacob and that he is really dead, just like John Locke. This would make sense because Christian told Sun to wait for John Locke and he would have known that it wasn't really John Locke, just MIB in John's body. Also when Alex tells Ben to do everything John Locke says, she's really just Smokey/MIB using her body to manipulate Ben into a positiong where he wants to kill Jacob. I think that that must be it!

4. So first Ellie was the leader, then Widmore at some point, then Ben, then John for a short time. How did Charles take over from Ellie? Ben never actually spoke to Jacob, so this opens the theory that maybe no one but Richard ever gets to speak to Jacob, not even the other leaders.

5. How much does Widmore know? Did he know when he told John Locke that he had to return or there would be a war that John would have to die and then be used by MIB? Is Charles's working for MIB or is he just clueless that John would be a host body? Both he and Eloise did say that they don't know what happens from here on out.

6. Why did Jacob purposely distract Sayid and allow Nadia to die? This would indicate that Jacob is not all good. What exactly did his touch do to everyone? Kate still ended up being a lawbreaker, and he encouraged Sawyer to write that note he carried around forever about killing the REAL Sawyer. He did appear to help Jack become a brilliant surgeon and kept Locke from dying. I don't know what to make of him!

7. Poor John Locke! I was so happy for him that he finally found his purpose and destiny. Now it turns out that his only destiny was to be murdered by Ben! Poor baby, what a tragic character.

8. What is the "loophole" that MIB found? It clearly has something to do with the rules for selecting a leader. It would seem that Jacob doesn't have a very active role in selecting a leader. He's more like God, Richard is his Prophet and advises the King (Leader). MIB/Smokey has been manipulating Locke into this position, of becoming the Leader, for a very long time so that he could kill him and then take over his body. Since the real John Locke was dead, did the Leader status revert back to Ben, and only the Leader can kill Jacob?

9. I'm so sad that Juliet is dead, she and Sawyer were a good couple. She died a hero though :). I am a little dissapointed because I always thought that they would keep the love quadrangle going, and I wanted to see a return of the Juliet/Jack tension from Season 3 to compete with the return of the Kate/Sawyer tension. How crazy was it when Juliet took out that dude in the sub and told Sawyer that Kate was right and then told Sawyer that Jack was right? In the words of my husband "Now that's a woman!" I could completely understand her wanting to never meet Sawyer; it made perfect sense to me (ahem Jessica).

10. The Sawyer/Jack fight was what we've all been waiting for! How insane was that?

11. I did love the way everyone came together in the end, and I loved them all at that moment! Even Jack. I loved Miles getting to save his dad, and I was really glad when Phil was impaled with rebar. :)

12. Finally we find Rose and Bernard, I am convinced that they are Adam and Eve. Did the Others know that they were there?

13. Do you think Ilana meant Lapidus would be a good candidate for Leader?

14. What was the deal with Jacob's cabin? Did he ever use that cabin? I am thinking not, and that the statue has always been his home. Its just a decoy that MIB/Smokey uses.

15. Is Sayid going to die?

16. I am so excited that SOMEONE (Sun) found Charlie's ring! That's just wonderful.

Anyway, the show has given me many things to mull over. I am going to rewatch all of the seasons and pay close attention to the "rules" to see if I can figure out exactly what the loophole is!


  1. your comments are so spot on! I totally think the same thing with the smoke monster being Jacob's nemisis... I mean, when "Alex" told Ben to do everything Locke said, Fake Locke wasn't around, so it totally could be him. MIB also told Jacob at the beginning that he didn't want intruders on the island and it was the smoke monster that killed Danielle's crewmen AND what killed a people from the plane crash. I still have plenty of more theories and comments I'll be posting soon... right after I watch it again that is!

  2. What about that time that Christian and Claire were in the cabin? Can MIB be two people at once? Is Claire even really dead for him to take her form? She could just be brainwashed to follow him since Christian is her dad, she may just be doing anything he says, trusting that he is right.
    Also, an "Anubis" Egyptian god of the underworld (which is what the statue is of), so if MIB is an Anubis, then it would make since that he could take the forms of dead people.

  3. 6) I don't know if Jacob is all good ... doesn't seem like it.

    12) I agree with you completely on this one.

    15) I don't think Sayid is going to die ... I mean, Juliet set the bomb off — so who knows what is going to happen. Or did she set it off? haha


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