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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fat Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday...

What a fun weekend! Nick and I did not partake in the Mardi Gras festivities... that's just not our style. Next year we have vowed to visit at least one parade. In fact, come Tuesday we are getting the heck out of town and going to Rhode Island. I am really, really excited! I've never been to New England, except New York and New Jersey, but those just don't seem to count. Its just a quick trip, we get back Friday, but I think it will be fun! We're going to Salem, MA and I hope that I will find something to scare me (insert Ted Kennedy joke)... I always have to visit the macabre when we travel. We also plan to visit Maine one day too to eat lobster.

This weekend we worked on Nick's baby, a purgola for our backyard. Our house faces almost due West, and has no shade and only a worthless deck, worthless because its way too hot to go outside and sit on in the afternoons. Nick, being the thrifty, creative, structural engineer that he is, figured out a way to turn the deck into a purgola at a minimum expense to us. Nick's been really excited about this and designed it on autocad. He then took it and ran it in a hurricane simulation at work to make sure that it will survive the coastal tempests that come round every year, which I thought was kind of overkill, but its one less thing for him to worry about in the next evacuation. I love my husband... he's just delightful (and very strong...) :).

We spent the most of the weekend dismantling part of the deck and then putting in the four main posts. It worked out well because we were able to use the deck to hold the posts in place. Nick and a friend will finish next week by adding the slats and cutting the posts to the proper height. I have to admit that I have been only mildly interested in the project, but I'm happy that Nick's happy, and I love helping him and working with him. I have been mostly excited about decorating the area, and I kind of want to buy a table with a firepit in it! I've also been thinking about planting a butterfly garden along the side.

Finally, when we get back from RI, we are both going on a diet. I have gotten so roly poly (10 lbs, ok 13 lbs over my wedding weight!), and eventhough Nick assures that I'm lovely, I really need to cut back on the sugar. Its my sweet tooth that gets me every time. We've been working out, now we just need to focus on diet, so we're going to start the South Beach diet. I've been trying to do it for a while now, but my mistake was not getting Nick on board. I think I have his full support this time, so there will be no sabatoging my efforts with his delicious peanut butter, chocolate crackers that he makes every night.

We also got Frodo some new toys, which he's so cute playing with. We also got him a new bed, which he seems to like and snuggled right into.

Hrmmm... that's it. Its a little boring, but I'm learning.



Every week... we get Lost!

That's the lamest pun... but doggonit, I love Lost! Here's Jessica and mine's latest on Lost. We are dorks.

From Jessica:
Here are some of my outstanding questions for LOST as of 2/18 episode "316":
1. What happened to Aaron?
2. Who did Ben get in a fight with? Did he try to kill Penny and Desmond beat him up? Or, did Widmore do it?
3. Why is Kate and Sayid and Hurley acting so wierd?
4. How id they find out about the flight?
5. Is Kate pregnant with Jack's baby and is Claire's "proxy"?
6. Where is Walt??
7. If Kate is Claire's proxy, Sayid is Kate's, and Hurley is Charlie's, the other guy in first class must be Sayid's. Who is Ben and Jack a proxy for?
8. I thought Ben couldn't go back to the island.
9. Why does John have to wear something of Christian Shephard's?
10. We still are not sure what the smoke monster is...

My Analysis:I think this whole show is themed around the life of Christ; Something to do with it anyways. Ben talks about the story of the Apostle Thomas (I think it was Thomas). I think that John is "Jesus" because he has to come back to Earth, die to save everyone, and then he comes back to life (as we know from the preview for next week). Jack is "Thomas"; Jack has never lived life based on faith, he always has to "see to believe" and this is exactly what Thomas did to Jesus after the Resurrection. Ben must be the devil (lol, actually I am just kidding. Could be, though). Actually, Ben could be Judas Iscariot, because, from the preview, He looks like he is there to help John die.I will have to do some research on some more of the Apostles and Disciples to see if any more fit. Of Course, this could all change after next Wednesday. I like to think that I am on the right track, though! :)

My Response:
1. I think that Kate gave Aaron back to Claire's mom. I hope that they don't make us wait a long time to find out though.
2. I think Widmore did it. I don't think Widmore knew where Penny was until Desmond came to see him, then Widmore had them followed to protect Penny. Then whoever it was, was waiting until Ben tried to make his move on Penny. I don't think it was Desmond because, beating people up that badly doesn't seem like Desmond's style. I think he would have incapacitated Ben and then gotten the heck away, not beaten him to a pulp.
3. I think Hurley saw Charlie, and that's why he's acting so wierd and why he had the guitar case. I think that Kate must have seen Claire again, I think that Claire is the only person that could convince Kate to give Aaron up. Claire told her to give him to her mom - see above. Ben turned Sayid into the authorities for all of the murders he had done for Ben, knowing that the bounty hunter would take him on the flight.
4. See above.
5. I HOPE SO! Since Kate and Jack are back in time in the 70s/80s... who's the grown up Kate/Jack baby in today's time??? Who's parents do we not know about?
6. To quote Ben... "Who cares?" :)
7. Ben is a proxy for Hurley who showed up late for the original flight, and also maybe Locke who was paralysed, Ben's not that badly hurt but still hurt. Jack is just Jacks...
8. Me too. What's the deal?
9. Because he's Christian Shephard's proxy - but what is the connection between John Locke and Christian Shepherd, other than our John Locke is Jacob theory. But why?
10. I know!

Also, chew on this. They were on flight 316... as in John 3:16! "That who so ever believes in him, shall not perish, but have everlasting life!" Locke's note - "I wish you had believed in me Jack." I like your Ben as Judas theory.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Single Moms and NAMBLA by Bob Hamer

This is a review of Ann Coulter's newest book, but the writer ends up delving into his own experiences infiltrating the North American Man-Boy Love Association, which is essentially a networking group for pedophiles.

Lately I have become kind of passionate about traditional marriages - and not just traditional marriages but happy, traditional marriages. I think his experience is just another example (even if its just anecdotal) of why its so important to keep reminding people of why Fathers are so important.

With a lot of smiles and an occasional out loud laugh, I read Ann Coulter’s latest book “Guilty.” Once again with her no-holds barred writing style she takes on some of America’s most sacred cows. You want controversy? How about a chapter titled, “Victim of a Crime? Thank a Single Mother.” As only Ann can do, she backs up her allegations with numerous, hard-to-refute statistics. Even considering Sir Winston Churchill’s quote, “Statistics are like a drunk with a lamppost: used more for support than illumination,” Ann’s argument is compelling.

I’m not a sociologist, a criminologist, or any other type of “ologist,” but I bring to the table twenty-six years of street experience as a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. During my career, I worked organized crime, gangs, terrorism, and child exploitation. I’ve seen society at its best and its worst, and I often viewed it from the inside. Many of my twenty-six years were spent undercover. I have successfully posed as a contract killer, drug dealer, fence, international arms dealer, degenerate gambler, and white collar criminal. But it was my last assignment, playing the role of a pedophile, that opened my eyes to a societal problem going beyond what Ann discusses in her book.

I spent three years infiltrating the North American Man/Boy Love Association. NAMBLA is real and not just some episodic joke on South Park or The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. NAMBLA is an underground network of men who are sexually attracted to boys and seek to justify their attraction.

On December 2, 1978, in response to what some activists claim to have been a witch hunt of twenty-four men arrested for child pornography and the statutory rape of boys, a meeting was held at the Community Church in Boston. About thirty men mobilized that evening and formed NAMBLA.

The express purpose of the organization is to abolish age-of-consent laws and legalize consensual sex between men and boys. In reality, this group, hiding behind the First Amendment, uses the secret meetings as a networking opportunity to reinforce among themselves their criminal passions. I know because I was invited into the inner sanctum. I attended meetings, participated in their pen pal program, wrote for their magazine, and was asked twice to serve on the steering committee, their governing body. Not once during my three-year membership was there any effort to lobby any political figure at any level of government to seek to abolish or even to modify the age-of-consent laws. There was no talk of hiring a paid lobbyist in Washington; there was no organized letter writing campaign; there was no endorsement of candidates. For all intents and purposes these men meet to network with other child molesters on where and how to find and seduce boys. We proved that when an FBI-orchestrated sting operation netted eight members of what one defendant called the group’s “inner circle.”

During my membership I corresponded with approximately 165 members and met face-to-face with about three dozen. The membership ran the socio-economic gamut. I met men with advanced degrees and those who were high school dropouts; Mensa members and the barely literate; married and single; wealthy and destitute. What they all shared was a need and desire to be around like-minded men seeking to legitimize their sexual attraction to boys.

I never met Charles Jaynes, the NAMBLA member convicted of the brutal murder of Jeffrey Curley and now serving a life sentence. He was the exception. All of the men with whom I dealt were “persuasion predators.” They didn’t sneak into homes in the dead of night and abduct sleeping boys from their beds. Their tactics were much more subtle. One member, a former special education teacher, who as a result of our investigation was sentenced to thirty years, admitted to molesting sixty to seventy boys and “grooming” another 200. Like most members, he cherished the opportunity to develop a relationship with a boy, attempting to legitimize that relationship by calling it “boy love” or “intergenerational sex” or “Greek love.” In my discussions and correspondence with these members one thing stood out: They targeted the lonely, the emotionally empty, the hurting boy. Those boys seeking affirmation and attention from a father-figure were especially vulnerable. Grooming was like a courting process. It might begin with a look, then a compliment, a conversation lavishing praise and establishing a common connection, and finally a trust.

I am often asked how we can protect our children. There is no magic formula for identifying a molester. There may be clues, but they are not foolproof. We cannot prove a negative. We can prove a person is a child molester. We cannot prove he is not. But Ann, let me expand on what you have said. I know you have been attacked for your chapter on single mothers and of course, there are exceptions to most rules, but single moms (and married moms and dads) let me give one piece of advice that Ann didn’t render. Based upon my three year affiliation with these child molesters, I observed one thing: Not one boy who came from a home with a strong, loving father figure was successfully targeted by a persuasion predator.

Protection may be that simple…a boy needs a loving father.

Obama in Business

This part is from my Uncle Ty:

On his program today, Glenn Beck had a story about Namaste Solar Electric, which is the company that was showcased yesterday at Obama’s signing of the $787 Billion pork bill. Just a couple of years after opening its doors, Namaste was on the verge of financial collapse, but now it stands to make a fortune from your and my tax dollars as a result of the Socialist Democratic Pork Bill of 2009. Why would a socialist like Obama be interested in Namaste for such a high profile bill signing? Maybe it’s because this company has incorporated Marxian economics into its day to day operations, like:

· Equal pay for all employees - everyone from the janitor to the CEO makes the same salary
· Forced donations to “green charities” - the company deducts a portion of each employee’s paycheck and then the company donates that money to “save-the-earth” causes
· Consensus building - before any major decision is reached by the company, every employee must sign off on the decision
· 6 weeks paid vacation per year for each employee

No wonder the company was about to go under. Anyway, even though the CEO of Namaste thought he was going to have to lay off all of his employees, now, with our tax dollars, he expects to increase his work force by 70% during the next several months.

If anyone has a really stupid idea for a business, one that it is sure to fail, this is definitely the time to start one up, because it could make you rich.

I do not believe that any technology should ever be subsidized by taxpayers. If it can't stand on its own two feet and succeed in the free market, then it should be allowed to fail on its own.

So a girl starts up a blog and...

I started a blog! I don't know if anyone will read it or if it will be interesting, but I figured that it would give all of my Facebook friends a break from having to read my notes.

I promise it won't all be political.

That's it for now!


PS... are you supposed to write a blog like a letter?

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